News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Noted again; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative constitutionalist view and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!) 

Conservative Freedom Network

Joy Reid Loses In Court

‘Virtually All White People Contribute To Racism’

‘Let’s Be Honest, Fauci’s Been Wrong A Lot’

Pompeo Shreds ‘1619 Project’

Fl. Man In 20’s Listed As Virus Fatality

Elderly Woman Stands Her Ground After Large BLM Agitator Gets In Her Face, Accuses Her Of Damaging His Property When She Splashed Water On BLM Message In Front Of Trump Tower

NYPD Officer Admits He’s Being Forced To Protect “Black Lives Matter” Graffiti In Front Of Trump Tower From Being Defaced By Pro-Cop Supporters [VIDEO]

HYSTERICAL: BLM “Trans King” Performs Song For Comrades About French Revolution From Les Misérables At NYC Protest [VIDEO]

BREAKING: BLM Communist Calls On Comrades To Remove President Trump and VP Pence NOW!…We Can’t Wait For November [VIDEO]

BREAKING VIDEO: Self-Proclaimed “Communists, Anarchists and Democrats” Join BLM, Shut Down Traffic In NYC…Threaten ”We are getting organized for a revolution to overthrow the system” (America)

NYC: Black Conservative Bevelyn Beatty Paints Over “Black Lives Matter” In Front Of Trump Tower…Shouts ”Refund The Police!” While Black Man Demands Police Arrest Her [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Hillsdale College Bucks Gov Whitmer’s Exec Order…Will Host In-Person Graduation Ceremony Tonight…Sheriff Won’t Enforce Governor’s Orders ”Not a priority”

Biden Campaign Staffer Mocked Cops As Worse Than ‘Pigs,’ Radically Called For Defunding Police

De Blasio’s ‘Safer’ New York: Body Found Wrapped In Plastic On McDonald’s Roof


Planned Parenthood Caught Committing Horrifying Crime

Trump Blindsides Democrats With Consequences Of Allowing Riots

GOP Lawmaker Fighting To Protect Gig Workers From Dem’s Crushing Regulations

Soros Foundation Has Troubling History Funding Chaos In America


2nd Amendment Couple Gets Major Government Backup

Black Cop Reveals Where Racism Really Exists In America

Biden Facing Left-Wing Pressure To Defund Trump’s Biggest Accomplishments

New From Teen Magazine — Sleep Is ’Systemically Racist’ (YOU REALLY CAN’T MAKE THIS UP)


As if 2020 Wasn’t Contentious Enough

Better Woke than Safe?

Chris Hayes Explains it all for You

Epidemic Mask Theatre, Past and Present

Will There Be Another Trump-Kim Summit?

‘Burn, Baby Burn’: The Futile Revolutionaries of Today

New Candidates for National Anthem Can’t Hold a Candle to the Original

CBS’s God Friended Me: TV’s Latest New Age Sign-Off

Channeling Candy Crowley: Chris Wallace uses his interview with President Trump to argue with the man — and gets his facts wrong

Civil War 2.0 going hot in Portland, Oregon

The left is laying the groundwork to challenge Trump’s election

NFL to play the black national anthem?

Nancy Pelosi calls federal law enforcement officers ‘stormtroopers’

Blacks are losing control over Black Lives Matter

Deferred disease disaster dawning on Democrats

Which states do best in preparing college students for the labor force?

Now the 49ers are in the crosshairs

Your light skin is now your yellow star

That other Minneapolis police death

Win and live. Lose and die.

Turkey becoming Islamist

Garbage- and graffiti-strewn Portland upchucks at offered federal help


News to Ponder – (Various Sources)

Noted again; these are opinion and news pieces mainly from a conservative view and do not always reflect the beliefs, doctrine and views of this ministry or any individual associated with it. They are provided for and intended for individuals to be able to read and form their own opinions and views on issues at hand. (Sad that we even have to explain this!) 


Cancellation Nation: The Building Backlash

Facebook Tags Therapy for Possible Ban

Hagia Sophia: From Ancient Church to Mosque

Enroll Models: Parents Explore Schooling Options

Dems Go off the Deep Spend with Approps

Banned from China: The Best Compliment a Senator Can Get

At recent email I received Concerning Military Chaplains 

Dear Michael,

I trust you believe Washington bureaucrats should never force the brave men and women of our U.S. military to surrender their religious freedom.

Yet the Left’s mantra of “Never waste a crisis” has reared its ugly head again — this time, using the coronavirus for cover, reprimanding and punishing Christian chaplains for boldly serving and ministering to those who protect our great country.

Intimidating Christians has become good business for leftist front group the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), an Air Force Reserve chaplain, calls them “a nefarious organization bent on removing faith from the U.S. military.”

Now it is up to you and me to ask President Trump to make religious liberty in the military a TOP PRIORITY in the weeks and months ahead.

Let me share three stories of Christians in the U.S. Army who stood up for their faith this spring during the COVID-19 crisis, only to be punished…

  • In early May, Lt. Colonel David McGraw, a chaplain at the Army Garrison in Stuttgart, Germany, was ordered to halt his open-air Sunday services. The Christian chaplain’s offense? Preaching Sunday sermons on his apartment balcony during the virus lockdown. He later learned his commander had a 53-minute phone call with the head of MRFF.
  • In late April, Colonel Moon Kim, stationed at Camp Humphreys in South Korea, learned he would be subject to a review that could harm his career and reputation. The Christian chaplain’s offense? He sent an email to a few of his U.S. Army chaplain colleagues, telling them that a Christian e-book he found online might be helpful as they counsel.
  • Even the Army’s 10th Mountain Division — renowned for achieving victories in extreme settings — waved the white flag of surrender over religious freedom. Their chaplain’s offense? When Major Scott Ingram said in a Facebook video: “God encourages us not to be dismayed by what we see around us,” his superiors removed it at MRFF’s bidding. 


Support FRC’s Mission to Defend Religious Freedom



Democrats Using Trump Hatred to Seduce the Educated and Affluent into Supporting Class Suicide

The Black Privilege Complex

Cancel Culture is a Mighty Tool of Fascism’s Advance

Hagia Sophia: Turkish Propaganda vs. Documented History

An American’s Odyssey in Soviet Russia: Will We Heed His Warning?

The Individual Versus the Collective

Has the Federal Government Done Enough to Strengthen National Cybersecurity?

Fact-check Flunk: A dishonest media bid to pin ‘racism’ on to Trump

We’re all white supremacists now

COVID spikes might be the result of bad tests

How Affirmative Action Screwed Up Michelle Obama

How to End the COVID-19 Epidemic in the US

Why Do We Have Police, Anyway?

US Afghan Policy Is a Second Path to Another 9-11

Let’s Take Back Our Kids, Already!

America, International Institutions, and the Strategy of the Weak

Democrats’ West Bank rhetoric rings hollow

Gavin Newsom gives Californians a glimpse of their future

When it comes to racism and anti-Semitism, the left and right are different


Conservative Freedom Network

Pelosi Suffers Major Meltdown

After Trump Took Office, Judicial Nominee Obstruction Skyrocketed

School Association Condemns Conservative Student For Criticizing BLM

Researcher Charged With Illegally Using US Grant Funds

Newt Gingrich: Good Riddance To Anti-Trump Republicans

US Officials Say Intel On Russian Bounties Was Less Than Conclusive

Leftists Go Berserk At Protest, Surround And Smash Up Car

Los Angeles Teachers Union Says Schools Can’t Reopen

And With Those Remarks, Dem Senator Reminds Trump Supporters

BACKFIRE: Customers Buy Goya Foods In Support Of CEO

STUNNING: Leading Democrats Including Hillary Clinton Caught

MI: Teenager With History Of Violence Against Her Mother Sent To Juvenile Detention Center For Not Completing Online Homework…Mom Blames Systemic Racial Bias

Laughable Left Demands Univ Of Notre Dame Change “Fighting Irish” Nickname Coined For Irish Immigrants Who Fought With Union Soldiers

NBA Store Allows ‘Defund Police,’ ‘Beware of Jews’ on Custom Jerseys, But Not ‘Free Hong Kong’ [AUDIO]

BRAINWASHED: Nick Cannon Goes On Racist, Anti-Semitic Rant, Says Whites And Jews Are ‘The True Savages’

VIDEO: White Alaskan Airlines Passenger Threatens to KILL EVERYONE ON PLANE ‘If They Do Not Accept That Jesus Was A Black Man’

Hypocritical Left Taunts Trump To Fire Their So-Called Expert Fauci

Godless Radicals Set Fire to Virgin Mary Statue Honoring Fallen WWII Soldiers

AOC Hilariously Blames Skyrocketing Crime in NYC to People’s Need to “Shoplift Some Bread”


Far-Left’s Plan To Destroy American Churches Underway

Pelosi Fate In Jeopardy — Democrats Vow To Replace Her

President Trump Wipes Slate Clean For Former Adviser

China Furious, Retaliates After GOP Senators Call Out Human Rights Offenses

AOC Blasts Republicans For ‘Never Experiencing Poverty’


Soros Gives $220M To Fund Racial War In America

Radical Mayor Cuts Police and 911 Service From Citizens

Pelosi Doesn’t Regret Her Past Outrageous Coronavirus Statements

State Facing Complete Ruin After Governor’s New Tyrannical Shutdown

[VIDEO] Family Of Slain 1-Year Old Slams Black Lives Matter Thugs

News to Ponder (Various Sources)

The woke ‘circus’: Charles Barkley torches sports leagues for caving to social justice mob

Protests erupt over Detroit police shooting — then police chief destroys narrative with video footage

Feds deny Gov. Walz’s request for aid to rebuild after Minnesota faces $500 million in riot damages

Liberal law professor fires back at Mitt Romney for condemning ‘unprecedented’ Roger Stone commutation

Police arrest suspect who brutally beat Macy’s manager in ‘unprovoked attack’

Five Guys employees who refused to serve police have been fired, suspended


Descending into Chaos

Stay Angry, Not Dispirited

Weinstein, Epstein, and the Democrats

Anti-Natalists: The Dead Enders of Cultural Self-Hatred

Violence to History the Mob Will Love

Jews against Themselves

An Evil Counterfeit to the Jesus Revolution

A suspicious fire at Mission San Gabriel and a curiously incurious press, parroting the left’s lies

Liberals howling over Roger Stone’s commuted sentence should remember the Obama years

We burned disco records, not neighborhoods back in 1979


Top Democrat Exposes Biden’s ‘Hidden’ Racist Secret

Obama Admin Shut Down H1N1 Testing, Undercutting COVID Attacks On Trump

Hundreds Retire As Police Continue To Battle Democrat Leaders

Failed Leadership Causes $23 Million Lost In This ‘Progressive’ City

Park Memorializing 911 NYC Firefighters Vandalized…Nearby Catholic Church Sign Toppled…More Justice For George Floyd?

Local Gun Store Offers Free AR15 to St Louis Couple After Gun Used to Protect Home from BLM was Confiscated

Portland Protester Uses Toddler as a Human Shield During Violent Riot [Video]

BREAKING VIDEOS: Woman Brings Toddler To Violent Protest With National Guard…Antifa Male Hit In Face With Tear Gas Canister…Antifa Calls 911 For Help

President Trump Denies Request for Federal Funds to Minnesota Gov and Mayors Who Told Police to Stand Down While Cities Burned

Video: Blue Lives Matter Rally Crashed by Anti-Police Protesters

2016: Obama Hijacks Funeral Of 5 Slaughtered Dallas Police Officers…Defends BLM…Tells Grieving Families and Police Officers They’re Racists…Even If They Won’t Admit It [VIDEO]

Brace Yourself Suburban America…Joe Biden Wants To Radically Change The Neighborhood Where You Live

Trump Talks Roger Stone Case…Slams Biden and Obama [Video]


Trump Calls Out Media’s 2 Biggest COVID Lies

BLM Now Demands Destruction Of American Military

Exposed: Creepy Way People Are Monitoring Everything You Do

Director Refuses To Remove Trump Cameo From Popular Cult Movie

Side Of Kayleigh McEnany The Mainstream Media Will Never Report


Conservative Freedom Network

Obama Granted Clemency To Terrorists And Traitors

GOP Hawley Rips NBA For Social Justice Messaging Discrepancy

Mitt Romney Unloads On Trump’s Commuting Of Stones Sentence


News to Ponder (Various Sources)

Country Hall Of Fame Member, Charlie Daniels, Passes





The Obama Years Sowed the Seeds for the Current Societal Chaos

Lawlessness, the Murder of Our Children, and the Soul of America

Know Your Enemy: Undeniable Truths About the Left

Trump’s Last Call for the Middle Class

COVID and the CDC

The Police, Patriarchy and Feminism

Catch 45: Only Donald Trump Can Save Washington

The Gangsterization of the Democrat Party

Racism (Allegations) Run Amok

The Fallacy of Court Neutrality

Patriotism vs. Globalism in 2020: A Country Is at Stake

The Left and Borglum’s Legacy



Black Lives Matter’s Silence on a Champion of Racial Equality


Potential Biden VP Scrubs Shady Past From Internet

Soros’ Chilling Plan For 2020 Election Just Got a Powerful Boost

Never-Trump Lincoln Project Caught Lying About President’s July 4th Speech

Liberal Mayor Drops Bomb On Citizens Over ‘Police Brutality’

Trump Blasts Democrats, NASCAR, NFL and Fake News All In One Day

Video: Sports Insider Jason Whitlock Warns NFL Owners for Caving to Play ‘Black National Anthem’ at Week 1 Games

Video: Michigan Gov Whitmer Says She Won’t Be Bullied…Threatens to “Dial Back” Reopening the State

Tucker Carlson Delivers a Barn Burner Calling Out Media and Democrats: “The reason the ruling class hates Trump is that they can’t control him”

Video: CNN’s Don Lemon Claims BLM Only Matters When It’s “Police Brutality” and Not Black on Black Crime

BREAKING REPORT: Shooting Up 205% Since Dem Mayor De Blasio Eliminates $1 Billion from NYPD


AP: Leftist groups demand major cuts to nation’s security and justice systems

Docs and nurses get ‘woke’ on spreading COVID-19

Bush officials back Biden, want ‘robust’ discussions again

Robert Knight: Imagining a vain thing

Town goes rogue, further expands definition of ‘family’

Hiring soared in May as mass layoffs eased

US general skeptical that bounties led to troops’ deaths


Obama Admin Hit With Lawsuit For Illegal Spying

Failed Mayor Blames Coronavirus For City’s Skyrocketing Violence

Surgeon Issues Warning To Anyone With ‘Normal’ Digestive Issues

President Trump’s Bailout Rescues Pelosi From Financial Ruin

Team Biden Praised Mt. Rushmore — Until Trump Visited



Rushmore and the Two-Faced Left

At Nike, Uyghur Lives Don’t Matter


Top doctor explains why COVID reporting is not honest, reveals what the case spike is really about

‘This changes absolutely everything’: Glenn reads rediscovered ORIGINAL draft of the Declaration of Independence

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter activists — triggered by AR-15 giveaway — physically attack church members

CNN’s Lemon lectures Terry Crews over Black Lives Matter agenda, suggests not about equality of black lives

As Chicago is overtaken by violence, Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames guns and the coronavirus

CDC might stop calling COVID an ‘epidemic’ because of major drop in mortality rate

Authors of prominent study on race and police shootings ask for their study to be retracted

Conservative Freedom Network

Who Has The Most To Fear From Ghislaine Arrest

Atl. Mayor On 8 Yr Old Girl Killed

Armed Black Nationalist Group Promises Violence

Leftists Slam ‘Hamilton’ Creator

Terry Crews: ‘I Decide To Die On This Hill’


American Liberty Daily

NYC Councilwoman FREAKS On White Man Holding Black Child

Father Of Killed 8 Yr Old: They Say ‘BLM’, You Killed Your Own’

Biden Says He Is Going To ‘Transform The Nation’ If Elected

News to Ponder ( Various Sources)

Conservative Freedom Network

NFL To Play ‘Black National Anthem” Before Games  [It is not the “National” Football League if it will not prioritize patriotism and the USA.]

McCarthy Tells Pelosi To Condemn Rioters

Twitter To Remove Terms ‘Whitelist’ And ‘Blacklist’

Horowitz: We Can No Longer Celebrate Our Independence

Don’t Want To Talk To Contact Tracers?

We Can’t Have ‘National Dialogues’

Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Run

Video: ‘Defund The Police’ Street Mural Painted Over

City Disbands Anti-Crime Unit And Shockingly

P. Diddy Promotes Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan’s Message

Dem Senator Tammy Duckworth: “The President at Mount Rushmore was Standing on Ground That was Stolen”

Video: Misleading Clip from President Trump’s 4th of July Speech Proven to Be Fake News

Video: Black Panther Militants March Near Stone Mountain, GA Screaming “Black Power”

Video: DC BLM Group Dances on American Flag…Tells Trump Supporter: “F*** the American flag”

Nation of Islam’s Farrakahn Delivers Anti-White Speech Full of Venom: “We can’t trust you no more white folks. Not with our lives!”

George Soros Reportedly Funded Campaign Of Radical St. Louis Prosecutor Investigating St. Louis Couple For Defending Their Home From Radicals, While Releasing Rioters and Looters From Prison

BREAKING: Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Seen Dining In NYC Restaurant…May Have Violated Terms Of His COVID-Related Furlough

BREAKING SEATTLE: Police Captain Responds After 2 Female BLM Protesters Standing In Highway At Night Are Hit, Thrown Into Air By Speeding Jaguar: “It is illegal to block an interstate” [Video]

AMERICA WINS: Air Force One Flies Over Mt. Rushmore…Crowds Cheer…Vans Blocking Traffic To Mt. Rushmore Are Towed Away…Crowds Cheer [VIDEO]


Law Professor Argues U.S. Constitution Is ‘Racist’

5 Black Lives Lost During Riots Deemed Unimportant By ‘Black Lives Matter’

Newsom’s ‘State Lockdown 2.0’ Conveniently Omits His Own Winery

Trump Officially Takes Over Violent Democrat Cities


Far-Left Mayor Stunned After Rioters Turn On Him

Cop Survey Gives Sad Truth On Law & Order In America

NFL To Kick Off 2020 Season With Shocking Anti-American Move

Report Reveals Trump May Have Regret Over Policy Advice


American Pastors Network

American Pastors Network President: Anarchy, Toppling of Monuments Supports Growing Fear of Next Civil War

Colin Kaepernick bashes America on July 4th — but had completely different message when Obama was president

Wave of criticism smashes Lin-Manuel Miranda as leftists declare ‘Hamilton’ to be ‘problematic’

City in China issues a bubonic plague alert

White couple charged with felony for pulling gun on black woman

Violence erupts in Chicago: 67 shot, 13 killed, including a 7-year-old girl, over July 4th weekend

NBA releases list of ‘approved messages’ for player jerseys — it’s a social justice warrior’s dream

NEWS to PONDER (Various Sources)

Driving Conservatives Underground

It Doesn’t Matter Who Did or Did Not Own Slaves

By Destroying History, Liberals Make an Example of Themselves

The War for Free Speech Is Here

Who’s the Real Party of the Rich?

Joe Biden – There’s no fool like an old fool

How the man who eradicated smallpox would have handled coronavirus


Make Patriotism Viral Again

Mob Violence Must Not Be Tolerated

Equipping Medical Providers to Cope With the Next Pandemic


Pelosi Spreads Vicious Lie That President Trump Is Being Blackmailed

Famous Cardiologist Changes Lives With Amazing No-Surgery “Fix”

Biden Mocked After His ‘Diverse’ Staff Member Numbers Surface

NYPD Detective Slams Liberal Mayor’s Agenda, Gives Inside Peek At Crime Wave

New Report Claims Trump’s Tulsa Rally Sabotaged By Unexpected Source

AP: Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic law

Soccer team ditches national anthem for Guthrie folk tune

More death and violence in Seattle ‘occupied’ zone

China forces birth control to suppress minorities

NYC mayor announces $1 billion cut in police budget

Utah Officials: Fireworks spark fire, evacuations

Intelligence Community Launches Nasty Attack On President Trump

Lingering CHOP Anarchists Make Final Demand To Seattle

VP Pence Enrages Media After Calling Out Black Lives Matter Propaganda

Trump Expects Full Ban On His Social Media Accounts Any Day Now

Media Silent As Mass Crowds Gather For Democrat-Approved Pride Rally


Five Justices vs. The People

A Sharpe Contrast on Religion


Pro-Life News Report

Top Stories
• Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion
• Pro-Life Groups Slam Chief Justice John Roberts for Selling Out Unborn Babies
• Trump’s Supreme Court Judges Both Voted to Uphold Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion
• Justice Clarence Thomas: Abortion is “Without a Shred of Support From the Constitution’s Text”

More Pro-Life News
• Joe Biden Celebrates Abortion, Calls Killing Babies in Abortions a “Constitutional Right”
• Planned Parenthood Celebrates Supreme Court Decision, Says Pro-Life Abortion Laws are “Racist”
• Vice President Mike Pence Slams Abortion: “All Lives Matter, Born and Unborn”
• Legislator Who Sponsored Pro-Life Law Slams SCOTUS: They Care More About Abortion Than Women

To read the news, visit




News to Ponder (Various Sources)

The Left Craps Out

Why Are We Letting Democrats Steal from Us?

BLM/Antifa Violence Is Prelude for November

Will Anyone in Government Resist SCOTUS’s Absurd Redefinition of ‘Sex’?

Amalek: Israel’s Ancient Enemy Lives among Us


Stand 4 Life

Supreme Court expected to rule on landmark abortion case

Missouri’s Last Abortion Clinic Gets Licensed Renewed Despite Injuring Dozens of Women

Four reasons why the abortion ‘Turnaway Study’ should not be trusted

Chris Cuomo Admits ‘I’ll Never Be Objective’ in Eleventh Interview with Brother, Finally Asks about Nursing Home Deaths | National Review


Shakedown Of Michael Flynn Finally Comes To An End

President Trump Scores Huge Win Over Shady Healthcare Lobbyists

Shocking IRS Change Affects Retirement Accounts Overnight

Black Lives Matter Leader Promises More Planned Violence In Fox Interview

Trump-Supporting NFL Coach Silences Critics With Powerful Tweet

[Video] Senator Reveals Democrats’ True Intentions Behind Police Reform


Joe Biden says if elected, he would make masks mandatory

‘Blind spots’ in absentee voting make it dangerous for democracy

Out with the police … in with ‘Sharia patrols’?

A little light in the shadow of communism

3 GOP senators stop LGBT ‘locomotive’ dressed up as ‘equality’

Conservatives can point to ‘originalists’ on courts

Bridges Day — A real conversation starter



Dems Not Party to Solutions on Police

‘We Can’t Do Anything, No One Does Anything for Us’

Finding Wisdom to ARISE AND STAND

Blackburn to the Courts: Play by the Rules


Fed-Up Seattle Residents Slap City With Lawsuit

Trump’s New EO Will Completely Overhaul Government Hiring Procedures

Twitter Alternative Sees Record Sign Ups After Censorship Of Pro-Trump Accounts

Biden ‘Cancer Charity’ Caught Funneling Millions To Execs

Pelosi Puts Stamp Of Approval On Illegal Statue Takedowns


with Bill Federer

Usurpation of Power by Courts, with responses of former Presidential Candidates

NEWS TO PONDER (Various Sources)


America’s Hope: I Will Answer God’s Call 2 Fall — This Sunday!

‘The Reality Is, Our Government Hates Us’

The Life Story YouTube Is Terrified People Will Watch

A Surge in Virus Double Standards

Virginia Is for Snoopers

The Annex Best Thing for Israel



The Patriotic Times

Pelosi Makes Appalling New Claim About Floyd Murder

Obama Skeptically Makes Appearance At Biden Virtual Fundraiser — You Have To See This

Tucker Carlson Boldly States Truth Behind Monument Vandalism

Media Silent As Trump’s Biggest Campaign Promise Hits Milestone

Trump Supporter Hilariously Heckles Fake News Reporter Over Mask Hypocrisy