News to Ponder (Various Sources)

The woke ‘circus’: Charles Barkley torches sports leagues for caving to social justice mob

Protests erupt over Detroit police shooting — then police chief destroys narrative with video footage

Feds deny Gov. Walz’s request for aid to rebuild after Minnesota faces $500 million in riot damages

Liberal law professor fires back at Mitt Romney for condemning ‘unprecedented’ Roger Stone commutation

Police arrest suspect who brutally beat Macy’s manager in ‘unprovoked attack’

Five Guys employees who refused to serve police have been fired, suspended


Descending into Chaos

Stay Angry, Not Dispirited

Weinstein, Epstein, and the Democrats

Anti-Natalists: The Dead Enders of Cultural Self-Hatred

Violence to History the Mob Will Love

Jews against Themselves

An Evil Counterfeit to the Jesus Revolution

A suspicious fire at Mission San Gabriel and a curiously incurious press, parroting the left’s lies

Liberals howling over Roger Stone’s commuted sentence should remember the Obama years

We burned disco records, not neighborhoods back in 1979


Top Democrat Exposes Biden’s ‘Hidden’ Racist Secret

Obama Admin Shut Down H1N1 Testing, Undercutting COVID Attacks On Trump

Hundreds Retire As Police Continue To Battle Democrat Leaders

Failed Leadership Causes $23 Million Lost In This ‘Progressive’ City

Park Memorializing 911 NYC Firefighters Vandalized…Nearby Catholic Church Sign Toppled…More Justice For George Floyd?

Local Gun Store Offers Free AR15 to St Louis Couple After Gun Used to Protect Home from BLM was Confiscated

Portland Protester Uses Toddler as a Human Shield During Violent Riot [Video]

BREAKING VIDEOS: Woman Brings Toddler To Violent Protest With National Guard…Antifa Male Hit In Face With Tear Gas Canister…Antifa Calls 911 For Help

President Trump Denies Request for Federal Funds to Minnesota Gov and Mayors Who Told Police to Stand Down While Cities Burned

Video: Blue Lives Matter Rally Crashed by Anti-Police Protesters

2016: Obama Hijacks Funeral Of 5 Slaughtered Dallas Police Officers…Defends BLM…Tells Grieving Families and Police Officers They’re Racists…Even If They Won’t Admit It [VIDEO]

Brace Yourself Suburban America…Joe Biden Wants To Radically Change The Neighborhood Where You Live

Trump Talks Roger Stone Case…Slams Biden and Obama [Video]


Trump Calls Out Media’s 2 Biggest COVID Lies

BLM Now Demands Destruction Of American Military

Exposed: Creepy Way People Are Monitoring Everything You Do

Director Refuses To Remove Trump Cameo From Popular Cult Movie

Side Of Kayleigh McEnany The Mainstream Media Will Never Report


Conservative Freedom Network

Obama Granted Clemency To Terrorists And Traitors

GOP Hawley Rips NBA For Social Justice Messaging Discrepancy

Mitt Romney Unloads On Trump’s Commuting Of Stones Sentence


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