Interesting Reads – 03/20/2023

Who Decides When and if Someone Re-Enters the Ministry?

How a Husband Shows Honor to His Wife as the “Weaker Vessel”

True Peace Isn’t Found in the Absence of Conflict

Library Director Hit with Life-Altering News After What He Allegedly Did to Christian Event

The Undeniable Importance of Fathers, For Now and Eternity

De-transitioned teen girl sues hospital system over breast-removal surgery at age 13, lawsuit accuses doctors of ‘intentional fraud’ about transition

Democrat Turns Basic Nature of Parenting Upside Down to Cater to Gender Ideology

After 2nd Attack, Pregnancy Care Center CEO Calls Out FBI, Justice Department for Failure to Act

Hey Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone

Utah teacher awards extra credit for eating bugs

A Chance for Real Change

How to Make Our Cities Safer

North Korea simulates nuclear attack on South Korea, Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrives in Moscow.

Twitter Files reveal government-sponsored suppression of the truth with the help of Stanford University

Hunter Biden Takes Big Legal Action Against Laptop Repairman, Admits a Damaging Truth

The Murder of the Humanities

Op-Ed: Barack Obama Presided Over the Greatest Missed Opportunity in American History

5 Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Preparing for Trump Indictment: Report

3 years ago American Thinker was the first to call out the fraud of Dr. Anthony Fauci and was viciously attacked by the WaPo, NYT other MSM outlets

ICYMI: Biden Flips Christianity on Its Head

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