Devotional Thought for Today – 12/01/2022

GALATIANS 1 Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: The apostle Paul asserts his apostolic character against such as lessened it. (1-5) He reproves the Galatians for revolting from the gospel of Christ under the influence of evil teachers. (6-9) He proves the Divine authority of his doctrine and mission; and declares what he was before his conversion … More Devotional Thought for Today – 12/01/2022

Devotional Thought for Today – 04/011/2022

In this past Wednesday’s devotional, our main text came from 1 John 3:16, with the theme of, we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. The above quote from George Whitefield echoes that sentiment with a twist. Here it is being applied directly to Chaplains, Elders, Ministers, Pastors, those who serve the church. … More Devotional Thought for Today – 04/011/2022

Foolish Preaching

Porque la palabra de la cruz es locura a los que se pierden; pero a los que se salvan, esto es, a nosotros, es poder de Dios. (RVR 1960) CONTEXT: Again depending upon which modern translation or version of the bible you use it may have headings that separate sections with themes. The CSB and … More Foolish Preaching