Focus President Jim Daly’s Statement on Leaked Draft of Dobbs’ Opinion and related articles

“Curiously, the majority of the rhetoric surrounding abortion centers on a woman’s right to choose and little to nothing on a baby’s right to live.”

“The Supreme Court’s Office of Public Information has confirmed the authenticity of the draft of the Dobbs’ opinion leaked to media – but stressed the highly-anticipated decision is still pending. I hope and pray the strong sentiments and solid legal reasoning expressed in the document will soon be final…

READ MORE @ Jim Daly


New Fox News poll shows strong majority in favor of 15 week ban on abortion

National Review: Enthusiasm for Abortion Is from the Depths of Hell

The Daily Citizen: 26 States Ready to Protect Preborn Human Life in the Womb if ‘Roe v. Wade’ Falls

The Daily Citizen: After Supreme Court Leak, Lawmakers Will Vote to Enshrine Abortion Protections in Federal Law

Understanding Justice Alito’s Leaked Opinion

Kamala Goes Off the Deep End and Declares WAR on Supreme Court and GOP

Dems Push for Second Opinion on Abortion

Justice Samuel Alito: There is “No Such Right” to Abortion in the Constitution

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Can’t Say if an Unborn Baby at 15 Weeks is a Human Being

Tucker, We are watching government by tantrum –

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