Devotional Thought for Today 0 05/05/2022


CONTEXT: Matthew Henry comments as follows: It is the will of God that prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings, should be made, in a special manner, for kings and all in authority. This psalm is a prayer, and the next is a thanksgiving, for the king. David was a martial prince, much in war. Either this psalm was penned upon occasion of some particular expedition of his, or, in general, as a form to be used in the daily service of the church for him. In this psalm we may observe, I. What it is they beg of God for the king (v. 1-4). II. With what assurance they beg it. The people triumph (v. 5), the prince (v. 6), both together (v. 7, 8), and so he concludes with a prayer to God for audience (v. 9). In this, David may well be looked upon as a type of Christ, to whose kingdom and its interests among men the church was, in every age, a hearty well-wisher.

Recently I was in a discussion about the need or lack thereof to study original biblical languages. Our main text today is a prime example. The word [trust] does not appear at the beginning of the sentence in written Hebrew but is implied by the same word, Strong’s #2142 – זָכַר, Zakar, at the end. It is the nuance of the Hebrew language.

One of the reasons the KJV translators (I am making a logical assertion of course I am not that old 😉) used the word remember at the end, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God is that we do not “trust” in names but in God Himself. While others trust in material things, here we are given chariots and horses, note things of war, as examples when things get tough. God’s children will remember and call upon Him.

It is hard not to read this Psalm and relate to the spiritual warfare going on in America and many other countries today. If we listen to the federal government leadership it would seem they want us to put all our trust in material things (them) and ignore the Biblical principles God has commended. In fact, those who would speak out for such things are labeled “EXTREMISTS” or worse.


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