Flag Day is a patriotic spectacle in these all-American communities

Flag Day is embraced each year in a handful of proudly red, white and blue all-American communities with the patriotic pomp normally reserved for July 4th, Independence Day. These cities and towns even vie for Flag Day bragging rights — often with conflicting claims — over who is offering America’s first, biggest or best Flag Day parades … More Flag Day is a patriotic spectacle in these all-American communities

AMA Tries to Doctor Health Care

America’s premier medical organization has grown bored of making sick people healthy and has turned its attention to making healthy people sick–in the head. At least, that’s one interpretation of the motives behind the 54-page guidance the American Medical Association issued on Thursday, titled “Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative, and Concepts.” The … More AMA Tries to Doctor Health Care

This Can’t Be True

Okay so it is no secret I am a Constitutionalist (conservative) and thought Carter, Clinton and Obama were bad for this country. But in just 9 short months Biden has all but sold us down the river. Unbelievable.  That’s really the only way to describe the never-ending onslaught of bad news and incredible occurrences that are … More This Can’t Be True

Deciphering the Truth: How to Tell Real News From ‘Fake News’

Remember when you could turn on the evening news with little doubt that the journalists were, to the best of their knowledge, delivering the truth? Whether we were living in ignorant bliss or a more virtuous world, it sure made consuming news less stressful… SOURCE: https://www.theepochtimes.com/deciphering-the-truth-how-to-tell-real-news-from-fake-news_3544513.html?utm_source=share-btn-copylink

The Great Seal

Turning to the back of the American one-dollar bill, I behold on the right side the “obverse” and on the left side the “reverse” of the Great Seal of the U.S. I pause to mention that to heraldry experts the “obverse” is the front and the “reverse” is the back of something. Why bring up … More The Great Seal