Join Us in Prayer for Our Nation

My 13 year old grandson stopped short the other day in the middle of asking me something. When I said continue “what do you want” he said nothing “I was going to ask a stupid question” of course I replied “there are no stupid questions”. 

Well I may have finally heard one (or seen it in a reply comment) to an online post, it read something to the effect ‘can we have to much prayer’? Misdirected, wrong intended, misapplied sure but to much of righteous prayer no way.

BreakPoint Daily

Today’s BreakPoint: Join Us in Prayer for Our Nation



Christians should be among those most deeply concerned about the divided state of our nation. Left vs. right, masks vs. no masks, reopen vs. stay-at-home, virtual school vs. in-person, race, politics, police, abortion, religious liberty, not to mention the remainder of what’s certain to be a brutal presidential campaign.

The issues range from essential to non-essential. On the essential matters, we mourn and vow to fight deception. On the non-essential matters, we mourn and hope to overcome division. God’s people can neither stay on the sidelines nor run away from the struggle. Instead, knowing there is no hope outside of Christ, we ask God to mercifully and powerfully mobilize His people to advance the true and good. 

If Christians are to speak with clarity, courage, and confidence and be voices of truth and love in a world of noise and echo chambers, we will need to be prepared. But even perfectly crafted arguments cannot replace, as Chuck Colson said, “the church being the church.” Speaking cannot replace being. To be the people God calls us to be, we must rely on prayer.

Each Wednesday morning between August 12 and November 4, which is the morning after the 2020 election, the Colson Center will host a national prayer time, via webinar…




‘52 Tuesdays’ Prayer Initiative for America As the name implies began last Nov as a commitment to pray every Tuesday until election day 


Are We Praying?  short list of prayer resources

The Presidential Prayer Team pretty obvious

Why you should pray for America | Union Daily Times Good article on why and what to pray for


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