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Same week Congress approved First Amendment; it called for a National Day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God

The same week Congress approved the First Amendment, they requested President George Washington declare the United States’ First National Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer to Almighty God.
Obviously, they did not think the First Amendment that they just passed should outlaw prayer or God!


Generals & Presidents endorsed Bibles & Faith

And Congress too; how soon they forget!

A Joint Resolution of the 97th U.S. Congress proclaimed a “Year of the Bible,” signed by Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil and Republican President of the Senate Strom Thurmond.


Call to Pray by Sam Adams “Father of American Revolution”

Despite the lies that revisionists try and push, America was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, and right now we need to pray for God to raise up those principles; for I fear for the generation of my grandchildren and beyond. – Mike  

American Minute with Bill Federer

Call to Pray by Sam Adams – “Father of American Revolution” 

“Bow the knee in prayer to the Almighty, whose assistance they hoped to obtain”


…Samuel Adams called for the first Continental Congress.
When it first met, September 6, 1774, he proposed that it be opened with prayer, despite the delegates being of different Christian denominations which did not always get along:
“It did not become men, professing to be Christian men, who had come together for solemn deliberation in the hour of their extremity, to say there was so wide a difference in their religious belief that they could not, as one man, bow the knee in prayer to the Almighty, whose advice and assistance they hoped to obtain.”

“Establishment Clause must be interpreted by reference to historical practices & understandings”

I have repeatedly and will continue to say that America is NOT a “Christian Nation.” If we were we would be a Theocracy, ruled by God, instaed the Founding Fathers decided on a new experiment in rule, so we are a Republic. However for those who would invoke the non-existent separation of church and state clause, we were founded upon, guided by and designed to follow Judaeo-Christian laws and principles. 

American Minute with Bill Federer

First Prayer in Congress, September 1774, “Establishment Clause must be interpreted by reference to historical practices & understandings”-Supreme Court, Galloway

“It was enough to melt a heart of stone,” remarked John Adams after the First Prayer in Congress.



The First Session of the First Continental Congress opened in September of 1774 with a prayer in Carpenter’s Hall, Philadelphia.





MLK, Jr. “We must NOT allow protest to DEGENERATE into physical VIOLENCE”

American Minute with Bill Federer

MLK, Jr. “We must NOT allow our creative protest to DEGENERATE into physical VIOLENCE”

“I have a dream … where little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers,”
stated Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., August 28, 1963, at the Civil Rights March in Washington, D.C.


RNC Night One

So having watched parts of each night of the DNC ( part curiosity and partly hoping there would be substance) I was struck by their overtly Doom and Gloom message that America sucks, it is totally messed up, always has been and needs a major overhaul. 

Last night the RNC opened it’s convention with a message in stark contrast to that of the Democrats. Here are my takeaways:

America is not all Doom and Gloom

America was not messed up from the Beginning

American founding principles make it the greatest nation ever 

Yes, America has problems, but they are solvable if we work together

We should be Proud to Be an American

There were some truly remarkable speeches made last night a few of my favorites were:

His line from Cotton to Congress was most memorable 


This Cuba Refugee’s emotional plea and LOVE of America was amazing


So Trump is a racist, just ask Herschel. 


This real life survivor story was powerful

And finally but not by any means least, 

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed in the 2018 Parkland, Florida, high school shooting massacre (Sorry could not load video direct) 

“America, America, God Shed His Grace On Thee”

American Minute with Bill Federer


“America, America, God Shed His Grace On Thee” – 50 States acknowledged God “from sea to shining sea”

“O Beautiful, For Spacious Skies, For Amber Waves of Grain …”

Almost chosen as the National Anthem in 1926, “America the Beautiful” was written by Katherine Lee Bates, born AUGUST 12, 1859…

…God shed His grace from sea to shining sea, as all 50 states, at some time in their state’s history, have acknowledged God somewhere in their state’s constitution:


Join Us in Prayer for Our Nation

My 13 year old grandson stopped short the other day in the middle of asking me something. When I said continue “what do you want” he said nothing “I was going to ask a stupid question” of course I replied “there are no stupid questions”. 

Well I may have finally heard one (or seen it in a reply comment) to an online post, it read something to the effect ‘can we have to much prayer’? Misdirected, wrong intended, misapplied sure but to much of righteous prayer no way.

BreakPoint Daily

Today’s BreakPoint: Join Us in Prayer for Our Nation



Christians should be among those most deeply concerned about the divided state of our nation. Left vs. right, masks vs. no masks, reopen vs. stay-at-home, virtual school vs. in-person, race, politics, police, abortion, religious liberty, not to mention the remainder of what’s certain to be a brutal presidential campaign.

The issues range from essential to non-essential. On the essential matters, we mourn and vow to fight deception. On the non-essential matters, we mourn and hope to overcome division. God’s people can neither stay on the sidelines nor run away from the struggle. Instead, knowing there is no hope outside of Christ, we ask God to mercifully and powerfully mobilize His people to advance the true and good. 

If Christians are to speak with clarity, courage, and confidence and be voices of truth and love in a world of noise and echo chambers, we will need to be prepared. But even perfectly crafted arguments cannot replace, as Chuck Colson said, “the church being the church.” Speaking cannot replace being. To be the people God calls us to be, we must rely on prayer.

Each Wednesday morning between August 12 and November 4, which is the morning after the 2020 election, the Colson Center will host a national prayer time, via webinar…




‘52 Tuesdays’ Prayer Initiative for America As the name implies began last Nov as a commitment to pray every Tuesday until election day 


Are We Praying?  short list of prayer resources

The Presidential Prayer Team pretty obvious

Why you should pray for America | Union Daily Times Good article on why and what to pray for


“AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN” – Origins of U.S. Navy, Marines, & Coast Guard “

Still denying America’s Judeo/Christian Heritage; please read on…


American Minute with Bill Federer


“AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN” -Origins of U.S. Navy, Marines, & Coast Guard “We’ll carry on ’til Kingdom Come, Ideals for which we’ve died”


Massachusetts Provincial Congress stated April 26, 1775, following the Battles of Lexington and Concord:

“Appealing to Heaven for the justice of our cause, we determine to die or be free.”  


The Massachusetts Navy flew a similar Liberty Tree Flag, with the line “An Appeal to God.”

The Massachusetts Navy was later incorporated into the U.S. Navy.



A Needed Reminder

With all the hubbub over this flag and that monument, now folks want to go after the Star Spangled Banner. 1st Amendment rights are one thing but, when is to much, enough? 

“Does the Bible condone slavery?”

In consideration of the recent in the news of BLM and attempts to rewrite America’s history I thought this a timely piece. 

Question: “Does the Bible condone slavery?”

Answer: There is a tendency to look at slavery as something of the past. But it is estimated that there are today over 27 million people in the world who are subject to slavery: forced labor, sex trade, inheritable property, etc. As those who have been redeemed from the slavery of sin, followers of Jesus Christ should be the foremost champions of ending human slavery in the world today. The question arises, though, why does the Bible not speak out strongly against slavery? Why does the Bible, in fact, seem to support the practice of human slavery?

The Bible does not specifically condemn the practice of slavery. It gives instructions on how slaves should be treated (Deuteronomy 15:12-15; Ephesians 6:9; Colossians 4:1), but does not outlaw slavery altogether. Many see this as the Bible condoning all forms of slavery. What many fail to understand is that slavery in biblical times was very different from the slavery that was practiced in the past few centuries in many parts of the world. The slavery in the Bible was not based exclusively on race. People were not enslaved because of their nationality or the color of their skin. In Bible times, slavery was based more on economics; it was a matter of social status...