The Great Seal

Turning to the back of the American one-dollar bill, I behold on the right side the “obverse” and on the left side the “reverse” of the Great Seal of the U.S. I pause to mention that to heraldry experts the “obverse” is the front and the “reverse” is the back of something. Why bring up heraldry experts? Because heraldry is the discipline of designing coats of arms, armorial bearings, and such things, and the Great Seal of the United States is a product of that art combined with the art of the statesman.


‘We Have to Reassert Citizenship’: Victor Davis Hanson’s Challenge to Americans

I grew up in an era (maybe the last) when citizenship, common courtesy and patriotism meant something. Today those characteristics are being systematically destroyed from the American culture.

'We Have to Reassert Citizenship': Victor Davis Hanson's Challenge to Americans

“The left is not the Democratic Party anymore, and it’s not even the Progressive Party. This is a Jacobin, out of the French Revolution, or proto-Bolshevik party,” says Hanson…

SOURCE: ‘We Have to Reassert Citizenship’: Victor Davis Hanson’s Challenge to Americans

America is Being Sabotaged: Destruction of Prosperity and Freedom is on the Horizon

This article talks about prophecy and some other Biblical things that I normally do not comment on. But with the overall downhill trends I see in America I can not argue with the final premise, the demise of our nation.

To many observers, our Southern border policy is wrong-headed, our Afghanistan withdrawal was a fiasco, and the Democrat party’s $3.5 trillion, 2500-page budget…

Source: America is Being Sabotaged: Destruction of Prosperity and Freedom is on the Horizon

Democracy vs. Republic

The Difference Between a Democracy and a Republic

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If you ask Americans to name their country’s form of government, most of them will say they live in a democracy.

However, the real answer is more complicated (and unexpected) than that. Robert George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, explains. 

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SOURCE: Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution

“Tyrants accomplish their purposes…by disarming the people”

American Minute with Bill Federer

Justice Joseph Story appointed to Supreme Court by James Madison

His father was a Boston Tea Party “Indian.” Joseph Story graduated second in his class from Harvard. He was a U.S. Representative, then was elected Massachusetts Speaker of the House.

SOURCE: “Tyrants accomplish their purposes…by disarming the people”

“The Relation of Christianity to Civil Government in the United States”

God-Fearing Flight Attendant Asks Single Question on Internal Message Board, Gets Attacked and Cancelled by Woke Airline

Does this remind you of Orwell’s 1984? It should, Winston is worried about being turned in by the Thought Police (Today’s Wokeism). Here is a clear example of being fired for thinking the wrong Non-party line ( Orwell’s Big Brother) thought.

A former Alaska Airlines flight attendant is fighting back after being fired for wanted to have a dialogue over the company’s support the pro-LGBT Equality Act.

Lacey Smith responded to a notice on an internal company message board in which the company expressed its support for the bill, according to First Liberty Institute, which is representing Smith.

“As a company, do you think it’s possible to regulate morality?” she wrote, according to First Liberty’s website

Source: God-Fearing Flight Attendant Asks Single Question on Internal Message Board; Gets Attacked and Cancelled by Woke Airline

“Whatever strikes at the root of Christianity, tends manifestly to the dissolution of civil government”

American Minute with Bill Federer

For those who may not read these our posts regularly, I will repeat our contention that America is not a Christian Nation nor was it founded as such. HOWEVER, there can be no doubt it was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

Likewise Christians are commanded to be obedient to civil government (see our 11 part series beginning here: Sunday’s Sermon Series – Civil Government: Part I ) as long as that government uses it’s limited authority in a way that does not break God’s law. Whenever that happens we have a problem.

Chief Justice James Kent explained in People v. Ruggles, 1811, what made OATHS effective:”

In Taylor’s case … the court … said, that Christianity was parcel of the law, and to cast contumelious reproaches upon it, tended to weaken the foundation of moral obligation, and the efficacy (effectiveness) of OATHS.”

SOURCE: “Whatever strikes at the root of Christianity…