National Day of Prayer – Plus Other Interesting Reads – 05/04/2023


Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: In this chapter we have God’s answer to Solomon’s prayer. I. His public answer by fire from heaven, which consumed the sacrifices (v. 1), with which the priests and people were much affected (v. 2, 3). By that token of God’s acceptance they were encouraged to continue the solemnities of the feast for fourteen days, and Solomon was encouraged to pursue all his designs for the honour of God (v. 4-11). II. His private answer by word of mouth, in a dream or vision of the night (v. 12-22). Most of these things we had before, 1 Ki. 8 and 9.

With today being designated the National Day of Prayer it is appropriate to remind our readers, we have said this numerous times, we are not a theocratic Christian Nation. We are however without any doubt a Republic founded and grounded in Judeo-Christian principles.

As such it is incumbent upon citizens and the government to do certain things. The Link below is to Gann’s commentary of the Bible on our main text for today. It provides a Biblical list of duties as a Christian and nation.

Gann’s Commentary on the Bible

5.8 Pray for the Nations of the World and for Your Own Nation
5.9 Pray Earnestly for National Mercies and the Blessing of the Gospel Ministry in your Nation
5.10 Pray for the Continuance of your Nation’s Outward Peace and Tranquility
5.11 Pray for the Moral Decency and Civility of your Nation
5.12 Pray for the Healing of your Nation’s Unhappy Divisions and Success Against your Nation’s Enemies
5.13 Pray for your Head of State
5.14 Pray for the Safe and Righteous Continuation of your Civil Government
5.15 Pray for all who are Employed in the Conduct of Public Affairs
5.16 Pray for your Judges and Judicial Rulers
5.17 Pray for the Ministers of God’s Holy Word and Sacraments
5.18 Pray for the Educational Institutions and Common Citizens of your Nation


National Day of Prayer: “We have forgotten God…” Lincoln, “Awful calamity … may be but a punishment … for our presumptuous sins” American Minute with Bill Federer


Americana, Christian Life, Pro-Life, Informed Citizenship, Informed Patriotism, Military/Veterans, You Can’t Make This Up, and more.

We hope you become informed readers and citizens based both Biblically and upon the desires of our founding fathers: Acts 17:10-12, 2 Tim 2:14-16, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Paine.

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