I do not in any way claim to be an expert on the Chinese People or their heads of government. However One does not have to be an expert in that culture to see when certain things are amiss. Here are four such articles from the past few days that hopefully will help you understand my concern/point.

China Warns Assembled World Leaders They Risk Being ‘Crushed by the Wheels of History’


China underscored its commitment to its claim on Taiwan on Saturday, telling assembled world leaders that anyone who gets in the way of its goal to reunify with the self-governing island would be “crushed by the wheels of history.”

Source: China Warns Assembled World Leaders They Risk Being ‘Crushed by the Wheels of History’

China’s Genocidal War on Faith

Mug shots, taken from Chinese police files, show some of the millions of Uyghurs who have been held in at least 1200 Chinese concentration camps. Their crimes? They may have relatives in other countries, or they made the mistake of applying for a passport. They may have had more than three children…

SOURCE: China’s Genocidal War on Faith


Chinese communists are quietly dominating countries around the world. In this shocking episode, Tucker travels to Brazil to see how China is replacing America as the dominant power in the Western Hemisphere…

SOURCE: NEW Tucker Carlson Originals: The China Takeover: Brazil

What the heck is going on in China?

Something weird is taking place in China but, as of this writing, nobody is quite sure what’s happening. Social media has lit up with information, some of which is verifiable and some of which is pure speculation. The most widely spread rumor is that there is a coup being carried out against Xi Jinping, but that’s also the least likely thing to be taking place according to experienced China watchers…

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