Devotional thought for Today – 01/30/2021

Verse of the Week: Acts 5:29 -

Acts 5:17-32

If you read through the book of Acts, the text v.17-32 is a good example you can not help but notice the Apostles were criminals. I do not say that to be ugly, it is just that they got arrested, a lot. Of course, that is a view tainted from the ruling Roman (and Jewish leaders)  point of view.

We Christians see their arrest as being obedient to God.  We know and the bible clearly states that we are subject to the rulers God has appointed over us Romans 13:1-2. However when those rulers subjugate God’s authority, no matter the cost we MUST then join with the apostles and say, “We must obey God rather than men [we have no other choice].” (AMP).  

It is far too “EASY” to just go along with the crowd to get along with the crowd. I have even had folks say to me ‘aren’t you supposed to be a peacemaker like Jesus?”  My answer is always the same I am to live peaceable with all men whenever possible Romans 12:17-19 but sometimes it just ain’t possible!  Whenever man and God disagree we must side with God. 

I greatly fear that time has come in America as more and more of our “religious” liberties are being trampled upon and the constitution ignored. Here is an example of two churches facing unjustifiable fines (in my opinion) for holding Christmas services. Christian Observer – Presbyterians Week 27 Jan 2021

Pray with me today: Prayer for Discernment- Almighty and Everlasting God, far be it from me to want to fall into sin. I would rather keep doors for You than to dwell in the tents of the wicked. Yet, there are often times where it is unclear what it means to be obedient. In these moments, I ask that You impart to me Your wisdom. Let Your Holy Spirit enlighten me with his gifts so that I can execute Your will in my life. Amen. – ConnectUs


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