Daily Devotional – Meeting Together


AMP and RVR 1960


When COVID-19 first came around I wrote that I supported the temporary restrictions on meeting in churches, the assembling together of the saints imposed by the government and was highly criticized for it by many. 

Covid was at the time an unknown entity and I believe then and now the Constitution makes it clear that our elected officials are to,  insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, not just insure our first amendment right to speech and assembly.  

Of course many of our elected representatives are on a Bad Power Trip and have decided that Covid-19 is a catch all excuse to infringe upon our right to assemble, speak and even earn a living; and I have written about that also. 

But enough of them let me address those who claim to be “Christians” and ask you what is your excuse for not returning to the churches that are open across this nation? 

Pew Research has found that 1/2 of those Pre-Covid worshipers now attend strictly online:

Half of regular worshippers have replaced in-person attendance with virtual services amid pandemic

I guess the second question for today is how is this biblically justified? 

The writer of Hebrews here in the 25th Chapter  beginning in verse 19 makes the case that believers in Christ must live a new life one where we can unlike the common folks of ancient Israel enter the Holy Temple. In fact we are encouraged nay admonished to do just that fellowship together.


Not forsaking –  The Greek word Egkataleipo, translated here as forsaking means to totally abandon, to desert, renounce, give up on. 

the assembling  of ourselves together, – What are we admonished, warned, or counseled not to quit on? The gathering together with fellow saints.  

as the manner of some is; – Some back in the day when this was written were afraid to be seen together for fear of retribution by the Romans. The question needs to be asked how deep was their Faith?  Today (other than those who are at very HIGH RISK) what possible excuse could you have? 

but exhorting one another: – Do have members, friends of your congregation not attending, encourage them.

Maybe your local church is not reopened maybe your in one of those states that still has massive restrictions what can you do? Hopefully your pastor has a plan, gather in small groups in homes for Sunday services.

Maybe your church is closed; how about finding  a church that is open and fellowship with them. I recently traveled some 6000+ miles across America #DiaperRun2020 and stopped at over 12 churches obviously none my home church. I had a great time of fellowship and praising the Lord at each. 

and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. – The day is coming when “Christian” will be a name despised only  below that of “Christ” Himself. More and more hate for anything Christian is spreading across America .  Do you  really want to be that loner then?


The life of a true believer is both vertical and horizontal.

That is it is constantly pointing and seeking fellowship with the Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Vertical) Prayer and private communion with God cannot be understated.

 While on earth we also need human fellowship (Horizontal) with like minded believers. You may think you can survive as a “lone wolf” but the bible makes it clear that is unacceptable Proverbs 18:1

 So today’s final question is quite simple, are you Meeting Together in proper Biblical  Fellowship?

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