Daily Devotional – Strength in Adversity

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Like all “Proverbs” this is a collection of “wise sayings” or as some Bible heading read “Precepts (rules) and Warnings” Proverbs 24:1-9

v.1-2 Do not accommodate or join up with evil people. That is anyone opposed to moral, ethical or civil law, especially if it violates God’s Law. 

v.3-4 Wise men build homes and lives filled with the wisdom and knowledge and glory of God.

v.5-6 Wisdom requires strength, not the physical strength of giants, but the Spiritual strength of God. If one is to wage war, they need this wisdom of a multitude of counselors, going it alone or even having the advise of only one is a recipe for disaster. 

 v.7 A fool will never understand wisdom, so he needs to just keep his mouth shut less he exposes his lack of understanding to all.

V.8-9 There are always those who oppose wisdom and common sense. Who despise the way of God. They will plot adversity, evil doings, trouble for self gain or just to stir things up. 


 If thou faint –  If you become: weak, refuse to engage the enemy, falter, stumble, refuse to act, do nothing, lose hope, become slack, lazy, sluggard, cowardly, defile thyself, 

in the day of adversity, – Note it says “When Trouble Comes” – whether it is bodily afflictions, actual combat, financial woes, personal troubles, worldly chaos, the list goes on and on.

thy strength is small. – Again very personal “Your Strength”, no excuses here no Blame Game tactics, your personal strength (Faith) sucks. Harsh words, hey I did not write the book. God says if you can’t stand the tests it is not because I did not give you the tools.¹ 


The fact is EVERY true Christian experiences Adversity. While most in the so called Prosperity Theology/Gospel realm deny this their false doctrinal beliefs do not stand the test of true biblical scholarship. 

So what is this Proverb really saying in plain English? I rarely if ever quote the “Message”, I find it one of the worst bible translations ever written, but occasionally it does have it’s uses and here is one example:

If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first place.

As noted above God gives us all the tools for life and holiness, and He does not expect us to shun from adversity or fall to pieces, at the first sign of trouble. In others words when the time comes put your BIG BOY PANTS on and do battle.


¹ = Here are the Links to my series God’s Tool Box, I hope it is a Blessing:

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