Toddler or Avoidance Politics

OPINION – Okay so on some things (this being one) I may be a little slow but after watching two Fox News stories the past couple of nights I finally get it liberals are like a Toddler ever yelling the same message. See for yourself: 

In this first interview watch as Fox News host Martha MacCallum, repeatedly asks a BLM leader if he supports the violent position of one of another BLM leader, he of course repeats over and over rhetoric but will not answer the question. {I will not comment on his outrageous claims or attitude towards others I will let you form your own unbiased thoughts}

BLM leader defends looters, says US government ‘steals’ and ‘pillages different countries’

In this Next example again Fox News host Martha MacCallum, is again interviewing incoming President of the National Education Association Becky Pringle regarding their opposition to opening schools this fall. Again we get Toddler or Avoidance answers to Ms. MacCallums questions. {Note the underlying thing that admitted by denial of Ms. Pringle;  give us ALL our demands and we can go back to work}

The “Avoidance” part should be obvious to everyone, There are hundreds of examples heck even their PRIZE Presidential Candidate Joe Biden¹ is a prime example being locked away and avoiding any serious questioning from reporters since at COVID hit.  

So y’all maybe wondering why I am using or choose the term “Toddler”, well this little jewel, Paisleigh, has been a member of our household now for a few months.

She is not quite a year old and for the most part is pretty quiet. BUT when she wants something, well she lets you know it! With her limited Toddler Gibberish Vocabulary she will repeat herself like an old record with a bad scratch. 

Of course it is not Paisleigh’s fault, she has yet to develop and mature. The same can not be said for those on the liberal left who have abandoned all moral, civil and ethical reason to advance their agenda. I do not believe it is an understatement to say Our Way of life (Constitutional Government) is at stake this November.


¹ = To be fair there has been much criticism (from Conservatives only) of Joe Biden for his relationship with Sen. Robert Byrd. Mr. Biden has from the start of his political career been a deal broker, a “player” a member of the swamp team, so it is natural that he would have associations and relationships with men like Sen. Byrd. What I find more disturbing is the fact that he has no real record of accomplishments on his own to stand on.  Donald Trump was elected to “Drain the Swamp” That is why he is hated, feared, and pushed back against so hard.



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