Faith, Politics and Citizenship: A Church Leadership Guide

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The coming election is only 90 days away and many pulpits are empty due to COVID-19. Those that are not need to be both active in their support of Biblical candidates and opposed to those in support of things God calls an abomination. 
Many Pastors are under the impression this can not be done from the pulpit, but they are WRONG. The following guide on how to accomplish this. 


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Pastors, Are You Burdened by Issues at the Intersection of Faith, Politics, and Citizenship? Are You Passionate About Advancing Justice and Edifying God’s People?

This guide will help you navigate the laws surrounding tax-exempt status for churches. It will equip you to identify what pastors and churches should be aware of before speaking about political issues, supporting a candidate or legislation, engaging in voter education, allowing church facilities to be used for “political” purposes, giving money to a campaign, and more.

The goal of this guide is to empower you to both shepherd God’s people and protect your ministry. Keep in mind, every situation is different, so you should not rely on this as legal advice. Please reach out to Alliance Defending Freedom with any specific questions.

To access this legal guide for churches, click Here.


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