In The News – Florida Has 11X Fewer Coronavirus Deaths Than New York

An interesting article full of stats and facts. 


Florida Has 11X Fewer Coronavirus Deaths Than New York

Florida and New York are states with similar population sizes, but dramatically different approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic…



New York Health Dept Admits Concealing Nursing Home Deaths After Andrew Cuomo Faced Criticism

Barber Loses License for Violating Gretchen Whitmer’s Lockdown, Abortion Clinics Can Still Kill Babies

Liberals Claim Pro-Life Laura Ingraham “Wants Your Grandmother to Die” Because She Supports Reopening

New Members of Congress Sign Petition to Force Nancy Pelosi to Allow Vote on Anti-Infanticide Bill

Former Jane Roe Norma McCorvey Was “100% Pro-Life,” Prayed to End Abortion Just Before She Died

Hollywood Blames President Trump for Coronavirus Deaths: He “Doesn’t Care How Many People Die”

Trump Admin Slams UN for Promoting Abortion in Response to Coronavirus 

Judge Overturns Oregon Gov Kate Brown’s Order Closing Churches, Leaving Abortion Clinics Open

Judge Blocks Gov Roy Cooper’s {N.C.} Order Closing Churches While Keeping Abortion Clinics Open

Planned Parenthood Injured Woman in Botched Abortion During Coronavirus, Dumped Her on Busy Hospital 

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