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November 6, 2019 by directorfsm

Largest-Ever 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Ends After Saving 454 Babies From Abortion

The largest 40 Days for Life campaign ever has come to an end…and we have 454 confirmed reports of babies saved from abortion–with reports continuing to come in!

Massachusetts Bill Mandates Free Abortions at All Colleges and Universities

Following in the footsteps of California, a group of Massachusetts lawmakers want to force public colleges and universities in the state to provide dangerous abortion drugs on campus.

Women Want Democrat Lawmaker to Resign After Calling Miscarried Babies a “Mess on a Napkin”

A Pennsylvania Democrat lawmaker is receiving calls for her resignation after she referred to a miscarried baby as a “mess on a napkin” last week.

Actress Elizabeth Banks Will Head Pro-Abortion Group, Wants to “De-Stigmatize” Killing Babies in Abortion

As if pro-abortion propaganda isn’t shoved down our throats enough.

Trump Admin Keeps Pro-Abortion Language Out of United Nations Resolution on Women

The Trump administration’s life-affirming priorities are making an impact across the world.

Stomach-Turning Video Goes Viral of Drag Queen Sexualizing Abortion at Halloween Party

As if the Left didn’t dehumanize unborn children enough, this drag queen took things hundreds of steps further by “performing” an abortion at a Halloween party in New York City last week.

Sign on Abortionist’s Desk: “Even on My Worst Days I’m Killing It”

Aging late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart celebrated his birthday recently with a sick joke about his life-destroying profession.

New Congressional Bill Would Ban Abortions Nationwide on Babies With Down Syndrome

Man in Wheelchair Arrested Just for Praying Outside Abortion Facility

Pro-Abortion Candidate Beto O’Rourke Drops Out of Democrat Presidential Race

Biased Judge Ban Key Pro-Life Witness From Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby Parts Trial

Twitter Censors Pro-Life Group’s Ads, But Allows Abortion Activists to Advertise

She Weighed 2 Pounds at Birth and Had a 50% Chance to Survive, Now She’s Saving Premature Babies

David Daleiden Tells Court Planned Parenthood Wanted to Sell Aborted Babies’ Livers for $750 Each

Obamacare Still Forces Americans to Fund Abortions. This Has to End

Methodist Pastor Slams Catholic Priest for Denying Communion to Pro-Abortion Joe Biden (She has obviously never read the Bible – Mike) 

Church Fights in Court to Stop California Mandate Forcing Churches to Fund Abortions


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