In A Deep Red State, A Dead Democrat Wins The Election

For all those who claim there is no need for ballot reform, I would put forth this case and the other in I believe NM where someone was elected to a statewide congressional seat while being dead. Let the absurdity of that sink in. Let us use some common sense, if Florida can count 21 million votes in five hours AZ should be able to count its roughly 4 million votes in 24 hours and no non-living person or entity should be on a ballot.

Democrats in Tennessee voted to re-elect a candidate who passed away about two weeks before the election. Tennessean state representative Barbara Cooper passed away on October 25 at 93. (WATN stated that her passing was “unexpected,” but not to be insensitive or flippant, but she was 93).

WHBQ reports Cooper received 7,999 votes to her opponent Michael Porter’s 2,942 in the general election. This is likely due to early voting and name recognition…


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