Midterm Vote 2022

I am not about to tell anyone which way they should vote, however, I will say that if you claim to be a Christian first it is your duty to vote. Furthermore the path or way you should vote is clearly dictated by the Bible. To vote for any candidate that supports anti-biblical policies is a vote for heresy.

Be sure to use iVoterGuide to compare the candidates before you vote. By clicking on the image below

“iVoterGuide is covering federal, statewide, and state legislature races in this voter guide. In addition, voter guides for school board and county judge elections are available. 

“My Voter Hub is the most comprehensive resource available for the Christian voter, covering elections in every zip code across the US. It has everything you need to be an engaged and informed voter. Click on the image below.

To help equip voters, we (Family Resource Council) have created resources specifically designed to prepare you as you head to the polls. As you click on the tile below, you’ll get access to voter guides, our party platform comparison that provides critical distinctions between the two parties on fundamental issues (like life, family, religious freedom, and more), and other resources. Click on the image below.

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