Jonathan Isaac: Why I Refused to Kneel for the National Anthem

NBA player and bestselling author Jonathan Isaac never caved under pressure to kneel for the National Anthem. Growing up in the Bronx, NY, his parents taught him tenacity and integrity, yet an abrupt move at a young age started his struggle with anxiety. His life was transformed when he finally put God first, which gave him the strength to publicly stand for what he believes, even though it went against BLM and the NBA culture.

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7 thoughts on “Jonathan Isaac: Why I Refused to Kneel for the National Anthem

    1. Thanks for the Reblog Tom; I have done a few of these in the past 6+ years since the Kaepernick incident in Aug 2016. I too have not watched any (U.S.) pro-sports since that day, but every once in a while out comes a story of a patriot or hero worth posting.

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      1. I still watch Golf a little as it is still for the most part a “Gentlemen’s” sport, and I dream I will be able to play again one day. I also love real football, (American Soccer) so I watch the occasional premier league match, but they too have become more about fouls than sportsmen.

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