Perhaps Tucker Carlson’s most profound monologue ever

I highly recommend that you watch Tucker’s monologue and share it as widely as you can.  What he has to say is profoundly ugly and disturbing, but it’s also important.  We are close to the cliff’s edge.  I don’t know if there’s still time to turn back or if we’ve actually crossed the edge and are in free fall.  I do know, though, that if there’s still a chance, we must slam on the brakes.

Andrea Widburg

I won’t lie: I’m a Tucker Carlson fan.  He is willing to speak honestly about topics others ignore, sugarcoat, or lie about.  Even when I don’t agree with him, I find him worthwhile, and never more so than his Friday-night monologue about Biden’s latest, terrifying power-grab and how our government is destroying the American economy.  It was a tour de force, and…

Source: Perhaps Tucker Carlson’s most profound monologue ever

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