Fox News Hosts Seemingly at Odds Over Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Since the war in Ukraine has been dominating the news for nearly 3 weeks finding reliable and trustworthy news coverage can be difficult. FOX News usually does a good job, one of the things I like is the diversity of opinions they are willing to bring forth on each show. While the hosts are all generally conservative their guests have a WIDE range of political views many of which I STRONGLY disagree with. Yet FOX continues to try and be a balanced news outlet. Does it share opinions, yes but even then it is totally transparent? As this article shows even the hosts can disagree and FOX is okay with that. Unlike mainstream media where everyone falls in line with the same talking points.

Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, left, and Sean Hannity, right, are firmly on the side of conservatives in domestic politics, but their views on the Russian invasion of Ukraine diverge considerably. (Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty Images; Rob Kim/Getty Images)

In his wildest dreams, Russian President Vladimir Putin couldn’t have envisioned the world’s reaction to his invasion of Ukraine.

The media’s continuous coverage of the war has gripped the attention of Americans and Europeans in a way that rivals the coronavirus pandemic at its height.

Source: Fox News Hosts Seemingly at Odds Over Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Compare the coverage of the war above, to this story by MSNBC ¿News? Anchor Joy Read’s claims racist rhetoric for the war:

MSNBC’s Joy Reid: World paying attention to Ukraine because it’s a ‘White … Christian nation’

Joy Reid Blasts Media for Elevating Ukraine Coverage Above ‘Browner’ Conflicts – Even As She Does the Same

Joy Reid Absurdly Claims That the Media’s Focus on Ukraine Is Because of Race

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