Every person has dignity and potential. But approximately 1 in 3 American adults has a criminal record, which limits their access to education, jobs, housing, and other things they need to reach that potential.

Since launching the first Second Chance® Month in 2017, Prison Fellowship® has spearheaded the nationwide effort to raise awareness about these barriers and unlock brighter futures for people with a criminal record.

Together we can open the door for approximately 70 million Americans to live up to their potential after paying their debt to society!

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It’s May 30, 2018, and William Jones is going home. He has been incarcerated at the Carol S. Vance Unit in Richmond, Texas, for more than three years.

“I found out [I was going home] 15 days ago,” he says. His prison chaplain brought him the news. “I hugged him, and we cried together. Two big, grown men standing there, crying together.”

William’s parents, wife, and family wait for him outside the prison walls. “The fact that I’m not there to … help them—it really lets me know how selfish I had been in my ways,” William says. “The opportunity to get back out there—to get [the] second chance that God has given me … man! I’m without words. Speechless.”


SCM Proverbs 31

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