The Void No Robot Can Fill

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The Void No Robot Can Fill


In 2010, a company called Hanson Robotics spent more than a hundred hours interviewing a woman named Bina. They collected memories of her childhood, noted her emotional reactions and mannerisms, uploaded the data into a mechanical bust that looked like the real Bina, and then programmed the robot to answer questions in real-time. Robot Bina now resides in a research lab. Real-life Bina’s partner said the venture was a shot at “immortality.”

Recently, Hanson Robotics announced plans to release thousands of what they’re calling “Sophia” robots. Sophia is a “social robot” that can perform rudimentary medical tasks, like taking a person’s temperature, but can also make facial expressions and utter a few phrases. According to company CEO David Hanson, “Sophia” is programmed to offer “human warmth” and is being released this year especially in order to help elderly people who are living in isolation due to the pandemic…




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