Daily Devotional – Close 2020 and Open 2021


What a year 2020 has been; from COVID to Riots, to a sham election, America (and the world) has seen turmoil like never before yet there has been one constant through it all. It seems like we (yes “Christians” too), would much rather complain,  whine and even hold pity parties about it than recall the abundant Goodness of 2020.

The CROWN (עָטַר ) of the YEAR (שָׁנָה) - Part 1 - YouTube


God’s Abundant Favor to Earth and Man


I used this Psalm in early December in a devotional that I called Praise Jehovah, and it is a short read that I hope you will enjoy also. 

To assist in understanding my theme for today the best analogy is that of farming. While many of you may not be farmers you can picture the importance of rain, weather, sun, and such to a good harvest. 

Here the David is expressing thanksgiving (praise) to God for an abundant harvest. God is presented as follows: 

    • God Forgives (verses 1-4)
    • God Helps (verses 5-8)
    • God Provides (verses 9-13)

It is the later specifically v.11, that today I want to concentrate on, in spite of the trouble 2020 we all enjoyed, harvest was bountiful. 


 Thou crownest –  I have been crowned a few times in my past :). My mom could pack a wallop and I deserved a few. But here David is giving credit to God  for the “crowning” achievement of …

the year –  Sure 2020 has been a mess but so what did you expect a fallen world to be easy? Yet God is still sovereign still in control, think how bad it could have been if He just let chaos completely rule the day?  

with thy goodness; – So much to complain about in 2020 and it seem that is all everyone wants to do they have forgotten God’s Goodness. 

and thy paths – Why? Are we so overwhelmed with the B I G issues of the world, we forget to thank HIM for the everyday blessings (goodness) His providence provides? 

drop fatness – Okay no one  wants to get fat, but everyone wants the befits of of this fatness, the overflowing abundance of the best of God’s Grace, Mercy and Bounty.


Let all close out 2020, by with a NEW BEGINING to 2021. I am not talking a resolution but a commitment to prayer, a commitment to positive thinking a commitment to God. We can begin today by recalling all the positive things we accomplished or had done for us in 2020 and hope to do in 2021.

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