Devotional Thought for Today – 09/07/21

May 8, 2021 - Bible verse of the day (ESV) - Psalm 115:3 -


Every child dreams of being able to do as they please. Stay up late, eat al the ice cream and candy they wish, the list goes on. Yet reality sets in and parents exercise their control. Only God, that is the God of the Bible has the ability to do whatever He pleases whenever He desires.

CONTEXT: The message of the psalm could be aptly summarized in three ideas: honor the Lord, because in contrast to idols, He alone is God (verses 1-8), trust the Lord, because He will help you (verses 9-11); praise the Lord, because He is worthy (verses 12-18). 1 Everything good we do, everything we have is because of God’s grace, mercy and sovereign control.

I write continuously about the Sovereignty of God, (You can type sovereign or sovereignty into the search box in upper right) because I believe it is a foundational teaching for all true believers. If God is not in control, what hope do we really have? If God is not sovereignly ruling the nations, why worship Him?

Charles Spurgeon Quote - Sovereignty Of God Most Comforting

“Divine sovereignty is not the sovereignty of a tyrannical Despot, but the exercised pleasure of One who is infinitely wise and good! Because God is infinitely wise He cannot err, and because He is infinitely righteous He will not do wrong. Here then is the preciousness of this truth. The mere fact itself that God’s will is irresistible and irreversible fills me with fear, but once I realize that God wills only that which is good, my heart is made to rejoice.” 

– Arthur W. Pink

The Absolute Monarch of the Universe!

 by Don Fortner

To worship a god…
…whose purpose can be defeated,
…whose will can be thwarted,
…whose work can be overturned, and
…whose grace can be frustrated is to worship an idol.
Such a god is no GOD at all!…

1 Discover Book of the Bible

“Why does God allow natural disasters?”

Question: “Why does God allow natural disasters?”

Why does God allow earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons, cyclones, mudslides, wildfires, and other natural disasters? Tragedies cause many people to question God’s goodness. It is distressing that natural disasters are often termed “acts of God” while no “credit” is given to God for years, decades, or even centuries of peaceful weather…


Devotional Thought for Today – 08/30/21

As hurricane Ida made landfall (and heads towards us in mid Mississippi) I had the thought of how powerful God is. I for one am convinced that God is Sovereign over all things including hurricanes, even if I don’t understand the why. What I do know is we can count on His omnipotent Grace to see us through these events.


Chapter CONTEXT: Matthew Henry says of this Chapter: A salutation, and an account of saving blessings, as prepared in God’s eternal election, as purchased by Christ’s blood. (1-8) And as conveyed in effectual calling: this is applied to the believing Jews, and to the believing Gentiles. (9-14) The apostle thanks God for their faith and love, and prays for the continuance of their knowledge and hope, with respect to the heavenly inheritance, and to God’s powerful working in them. (15-23)

Our text for today is one extolling God’s omnipotence. A google search or that of some Biblical software will lead one to find a list with many variations of verses. The consistent theme however is that God is all-powerful and man is not.

Here are some of the things God has power over:

  • Creation
  • Salvation
  • Understanding
  • Resurection
  • Justice
  • Nations
  • ________?
Samuel Rutherford Quote - Faith and God's Omnipotence

The above quote sums it up pretty well if God is not the omnipotent ruler of the universe what peace can a believer have. What assurance can we have, what joy? I do not know about you but I take great comfort in the fact that He hath made the earth by his power and ruleth by his power forever.

Praying for everyone in Ida’s path and recovery for those displaced by her wrath.

Devotional Thought for Today – 06/07/2021

Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV) - Jeremiah 29:11 ESV - For I know the plans I… | Biblia

Jeremiah 29

CONTEXT: Mathew Henry breaks this into two major themes; Two letters to the captives in Babylon; In the first, they are recommended to be patient and composed. (1-19) In the second, judgments are denounced against the false prophets who deceived them. (20-32)

I can not count the number of times our verse for today has been posted, plastered, or said out of context to me over the years. Biblical Hermeneutics, in short trying to understand what the bible says, is usually done in one of two manners.  Exegesis is carefully reading the text and drawing out meaning from it, Eisegesis is reading the meaning into the text.

In our text today it is easy to say God is talking about all His chosen people (you) and that He has only positive plans for our welfare and no evil will befall us. Except it is NOT TRUE! Generally speaking, we can apply this to all God’s chosen people but unless you live in fantasy land, you know folks, who are solid Christians who get sick, get robbed, or have other calamities happen to them no what?

No context demands this in not some catchall, name it and claim it verse (like Psalm 37:4) those cults are so fond of using. Read v.8-10, God warned the Jews not to listen to false teachers (prophets) and that same warning applies to us.

Finally the last phrase, to give you a future and hope, in context is referring to the restoration of the Jews after the captivity. Can it be generally applied to today, yes, in the sense that God gives a future and hope to all His redeemed in the form of Eternal Life in Christ.


Father, no matter the circumstances I acknowledge your sovereignty in all things. I ask that you give me the strength and wisdom to trust in you no matter the season no matter the environment. I pray for the protection of your chosen peoples and my loved ones that we may one day all share in the future hope. AMEN.


How to Read the Bible Well: An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics

Daily Devotion – Bad Exegesis

What is the difference between exegesis and eisegesis?

What is the meaning of Jeremiah 29:11?

Is it true that everything happens for a reason?

Question: “Is it true that everything happens for a reason?”

Answer: Does everything happen for a reason? The short answer is “yes”; because God is sovereign, there are no random, out-of-control happenings. God’s purposes may be hidden from us, but we can be assured that every event has a reason behind it…


Devotional Thought for Today – 05/07/2021

Nahum 1:7 - KJV - Bible verse of the day -


Y’all may have noticed that we have not posted for a few days. well, a Tornado ripped through greater Jackson, MS on Tuesday, May 4th.

Thankfully the worst of the storm missed us but our house and neighborhood were not without damage. We lost power Tuesday afternoon and just got it back last night. Our roof was a mess a branch penetrated a corner of the garage, and many shingles were torn off. Three neighbors have or had trees on their homes and many across streets.

Some of the debris from yard
Big oak tree from neighbors yard
Back of our garage where tree went through

I do not show these pictures to garner sympathy, but to demonstrate the grace of God. We all experience God’s Providence, Protection, and Promise in those moments. Everyone in our neighborhood is okay. No one was hurt and other than the inconvenience of being without power for nearly 3 days we all are doing well.

Nahum is a prophet tasked with delivering the final judgment of God against Nineveh. The same Nineveh that had repented some 150 years earlier with Jonah’s message.

Our text today is the Good News, that God promises His people He will be their strength and stronghold in the day of trouble; He knows [He recognizes, cares for, and understands fully] those who take refuge and trust in Him. (AMP)

You do not have to experience a tornado to have that same promise, it is available to all God’s people. All one has to do is understand that we are incapable of living a moral and just life by ourselves. That Jesus Christ lived that perfect sinless life and paid the sacrificial cost of those sins. If we sincerely acknowledge the need for forgiveness for our transgressions and Christ and Lord of our lives, God is faithful to welcome us as His children, adopted into the kingdom of God.

Praying through Nahum 1:7
Heavenly Father, thank You for Who You are and what the Lord Jesus has done for us. Thank You for being our good and gracious God. Thank You that You are my stronghold in the day of trouble and the Comforter to Whom I can fly for refuge. How I praise You for Your never-failing faithfulness to Your people Israel and grace towards the Church. Thank You that You are not only a God of love but a God of justice and that a day is coming when You will avenge all those that have suffered at the hands of Your enemies. I pray for those who have not yet trusted in You and remain dead in their sin and ask that they may be convicted of sin and come to faith in Christ. This I ask in Jesus’ name, AMEN.


Sunday Sermon Series – PRAYING AND WAITING

And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:
And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. 1 John 5:14-15

1 John 5

Chapter 5, begins by reminding true believers that they can overcome the turmoil of this world v.1-5 through the power of Christ. in v.6-12, John also reminds us that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, and life begins with Him. Finally in John wraps up the Chapter and Book with v.13-21, reassuring true believers that they can know they have eternal life.

Our text for today comes from the latter and expresses perfectly John’s and the Holy Spirit’s meaning:

  • We (true believers) can have confidence in Christ
  • We can ask anything of Him according to His will, NOT OURS
  • He hears all those petitions
  • Because those petitions are in God’s will we have no fear of them not being heard, not being granted, for we put our Faith, our Trust in the Sovereignty of God.


1 John 5:13-15 – Praying and Waiting by C H Spurgeon

Additional Resources/Sermons

Devotional Thought for Today – 02/25/2021

So this morning as I am reading through my many emails I came across one from a while ago that I had failed to delete or act on. It was from a friend and had a link with the following graph:

Shortly after I opened the following daily scripture verse and yes my brain made the connection, I wonder if our coastlines will ever be Glad in the Lord AGAIN

Psalm 97

The psalm divides itself into four portions, each containing three verses. The coming of the Lord is described (Ps 97:1-3); its effect upon the earth is declared (Ps 97:4-6), and then its influence upon the heathen and the people of God (Ps 97:7-9). The last part contains both exhortation and encouragement, urging to holiness and inculcating happiness (Ps 97:10-12). – C.H. Spurgeon

Our text today v.1, illustrates the great divide we have in this country just as in ancient times there was the divide between Jew and Gentile. We have those who would stand up and honor the biblical pricicples this country was founded upon and then there are those who adamantly oppose any such action.

Oh, Christian what worry have you in this matter?  Concern yes, a need to speak out against unbiblical practices, yes. But worry or anxiety never. As Augustine said:

The LORD reigneth. He who stood before the judge, he who received the blows, he who was scourged, he who was spit upon, he who was crowned with thorns, he who was struck with fists, he who hung upon the cross, he who as he hung upon the wood was mocked, he who died upon the cross, he who was pierced with the spear, he who was buried, himself arose from the dead. “The Lord reigneth.” Let kingdoms rage as much as they can; what can they do to the King of kingdoms, the Lord of all kings, the Creator of all worlds?

God’s sovereignty is what we can rest our assurance upon. Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary is what our Hope for eternity is grounded in. What can mere man do against such greatness. 


Lord God, we praise and honor you for your reign over all the earth.  We acknowledge your sovereignty and righteousness. We pray for your providence upon all nations, forget not your remnant. We especially ask that you would touch the souls of those in America who so vehemently oppose all Christian precepts. We confess the need for the Holy Spirit to guide us daily so we wander no as we are so prone to do. We rejoice in you Lord and give thanks to your holy name. Amen.

The Seminary of Suffering

This is both a POWERFUL testimony and an article on biblical apologetics about the Sovereignty of God. 

The Seminary of Suffering

As I write this, my two daughters are sick. My two precious girls have had seven surgeries and twelve “procedures.” Our family has spent more nights in the hospital than I can count. Each of my daughters takes 840 pills per month and has two-to-three breathing treatments per day. Their lungs are deteriorating. And according to every scientific “opinion,” my daughters will live half as long as most. I discovered these hard realities after my first semester of seminary…


Devotional Thought for Today – 02/08/2021

1 Peter 5

In this the closing Chapter of Peter’s first Epistle to the churches scattered about Asia minor, he reminds them or maybe better put leaves them with some final instructions as the eldest of “elders.” 

v.1-4 Is an exhortation to the elders to feed the flock and lead as Jesus had taught him (Peter) to Shepherd them.

v.5-9 Are encouragement to the younger men of the church to be submissive to their elders,  sober and vigilant against the temptations of the devil. 

It is here we find our text for today v.6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: (KJV)  There are three (3)  things here  I want to point out:

      •  We Must – Humble ourselves: this means bowing down before the authority of God, putting Him first always.  It does not mean being weak or having a sense of self-hatred (think the woke movement). Jesus was the epitome of humility and never could be accused of being weak. As C.S. Lewis said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”
      • God WillExalt You: God glorifies the obedient. There are “mansions” in heaven for all true believers, Christ Jesus has promised so. Yet We also know that each believer will receive different “crowns” based upon your faithfulness to God.  I once explained it this way (sarcastically) to a fellow Christian who although professing believer did nothing for the kingdom. Some will have a mansion on the corner of State and Main others so far our on Rural Route 3 that they will need a set of Binoculars to clearly see the glory of God. 
      • His Time – in due time:  God’s timing is everything.  He alone has sovereign control over all the universe. We can accept this or deny the God of the Bible, His Word really leaves us no other option.  

Today’s Prayer 

From Matthew Henry’s Method of Prayer

Lord, give me the grace to deny myself, to take up my cross daily, and to follow Christ, Matthew 16:24(KJV) to keep under the body and bring it into subjection. 1 Corinthians 9:27(KJV)

For thy dominion is an everlasting dominion, and thy kingdom is from generation to generation: Thou dost according to thy will in the armies of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth, and none can stay thy hand, or say unto thee, What doest thou? Daniel 4:34-35(KJV) or Why doest thou so?