Devotional thought for Today – 12/04/2020

Psalm 65 – The Bay Friendship Club

AMP and RVR 1960

Praise Jehovah

CONTEXT: This thanksgiving psalm, which is specifically described as a song, praises God for blessing the land with fertility. Israelites probably used it in a time of harvest. It may also have been a prayer asking for and anticipating God’s blessing. The psalmist begins by praising God’s presence and protection (vv. 1–4). He then praises God’s awesome strength and sovereignty over creation (vv. 5–8), and concludes by thanking God for His provision and blessing on the land (vv. 9–13). – Faithlife Study Bible 

It is hard to miss the intent of this Psalm as David is quite upfront with it in v.1 To You belongs silence [the submissive wonder of reverence], and [it bursts into] praise in Zion, O God;…

While this is a Psalm likely used as a song for the “day of atonement, ” and for the “feast of tabernacles, back in David’s day there is nothing preventing us from shall we say commandeering it for our use today. We might not all be farmers and have a harvest to celebrate but I imagine each of us have something we can. 

Note what David says in v.2 O You who hear prayer,…  the confidence with which he writes those words . As a believer we too should have that same confidence that God hears our prayers and HIS will shall be done, v.5 You answer us in righteousness, O God of our salvation.

No matter you situation take a lesson from David and praise God today for the small victories in life and be confident he hears your prayers about the big things too.  


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