Pray for the Persecuted Church

Remember those in prison, as though you were in prison with them, and the mistreated, as though you yourselves were suffering bodily Hebrews 13:3 (CSB)

Acordaos de los presos, como si estuvierais presos juntamente con ellos; y de los maltratados, como que también vosotros mismos estáis en el cuerpo RVR 1960

 Barnabas Fund

Christian Newsline

News updates on the persecuted Church

The following stories and more can regularly be found updated

Pakistani Christian couple’s appeal hearing against “blasphemy” death sentences rescheduled for 24 September

Eritrean government releases on bail 69 Christians imprisoned for their faith

Russia’s new draft law barring pastors trained overseas from preaching deals “powerful blow” to religious freedom

Indonesia’s ban on Bible app contradicts religious tolerance philosophy of Pancasila

Wounded Nigerian pastor shot dead in cold blood while raising alarm of Fulani militant attack


The Voice of the Martyrs

Burnt out truck; woman carrying items on her head

Thousands Displaced in Mozambique

Elisa arrived home just in time to see Islamists murder her father and her husband, who was a pastor. Her uncle had already been beheaded. Grief-stricken and fearing for their lives, Elisa and 18 members of her family headed south, joining more than 200,000 others fleeing the Islamists’ advance.

Though Islamic insurgents have been active in northern Mozambique for the past three years, this year the group — which has pledged allegiance to the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) — has launched repeated, devastating attacks. The thousands displaced by these attacks have fled to other parts of the country where conditions are crowded and resources are stretched. Front-line workers have reported the burning and destruction of churches, schools, clinics and police stations. As Christian workers provide comfort and food to the displaced, they are also offering Bibles (supplied by VOM), giving hurting people the hope of Jesus Christ.

VOM workers are evaluating the best ways to help persecuted Christians in Mozambique. Pray for Christians delivering aid and help, as well as for an end to the ongoing violence. Pray also that many enduring this trauma will gain hope and eternal life through faith in Christ.

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International Day of Prayer for persecuted Christians

This year’s International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians (IDOP), Sunday, Nov. 1, is fast approaching. Be among the first to watch The Voice of the Martyrs’ new IDOP video, Janette: Central African Republic.

Free IDOP Resources

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