When I was a Child

Demonstrators lie on the ground facing a police line in front of the White House during protests over the death of George Floyd in Washington DC on Wednesday.
Demonstrators lie on the ground facing a police line in front of the White House during protests over the death of George Floyd in Washington DC on Wednesday. Photograph: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images
Protests break out in cities across the US including Louisville, Denver, Minneapolis and New York following the death of unarmed black man George Floyd at the hands of police
Violent clashes are rumbling on across America following the death of George Floyd (Picture: AP/Getty Images)

We have two guest staying with us for a week, they are 11 months old and 2 years old. Watching them and the complete chaos on many of our city streets the past few days, reminded me of the Apostle Paul’s admonition to the church at Corinth…


1 Corinthians 13 (AMP and RVR 1960)


Chapter 13 of 1st Corinthians has been called the LOVE Chapter because Paul under direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit writes exclusively about the excellency of and need for Christian Love in here.

We need to back up to Chapter 12 to get a running start to fully understand it though.  This chapter is obviously about spiritual gifts. Here in C.12 Paul has cautioned the Corinthians against using any spiritual gift without applying Christian Love. All gifts God has bestowed upon us are useless for the Kingdom if we do not use them for His Glory in Love. 

Note this is not some sappy, be a whipping post, push over love. If you really read the book you will note that none of the Apostles nor Christ ever behaved in that manner. This is true Christian Love for their neighbors, those in need, and most assuredly their brethren. 

In the midst of writing on Love Paul make an almost 90° turn in v.10 when he speaks of Christ’s return. Followed immediately by our text so let us break it down:


When I was a child,- Note past tense Paul is saying I am not longer a child, I am standing here before you as a man recognize me as such. 

I spoke like a child,- Our 2 year old guest Temory (sp) says stuff and I have no clue what he is talking about. It is okay, he is 2 and that is to be expected. Paisley the 11 month old just kinda smiles and yelps every once in a while. They are little and we have no expectations of them making profound statement. Paul is saying the same, as immature Christians there is an understanding that you (church at Corinth specifically but applicable to all true believers) must grown in Grace.

I thought like a child, – Likewise their still learning and so their thoughts and actions do not always make a whole lot of sense to us but at their age I probably did things even more unpredictable. This learning is called Sanctification. 

I reasoned like a child. – I love to watch Paisley find something new and look it over, stare at, it feel it, even try and eat it sometimes 🙂 all to try and figure out (reason) what it is and if it is good. She concentrates so hard her forehead curls. There is no excuse for not reasoning right and wrong. 

When I became a man, –  Again past tense so Paul is declaring he is in fact a man. Along with 2 youngest members of our household this week we also have our usual grandkids one of whom my grandson Té, turned 13 this year. He is a big boy and wants to be treated like a man, I remind him he needs to behave and act like one too. 

I gave up childish ways. –  In order to be recognized as a man, you must speak and act like one. Be articulate, and well groomed not looking like some radical ready to breed chaos. The bible (and our laws) says we must be obedient to those appointed over us; Parents, Government Officials, Church Leaders, Etc.


Let me try and bring this full circle, the rioters that brought all the chaos to the streets of America reminded me of Paul’s description of untrained (spoiled) children. 

I know you know what I am speaking of you all have been in a wally world or some other store and seen some 2-3 year old throw a tantrum or what my wife calls a “hissy fit.”  Just like so many of our city authorities parents many times ignore or just let the child continue and chaos in the store ensues. 

These “demonstrators” want to be treated as adults, they want to be heard, acting like children is not the answer at least biblically. Unfortunately the liberal politicians in our country will probably kneel down to their demands. 

Question since when did we allow children to run America? 

Other Resources Biblical Manhood:

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Instead of Children why not consider some reasoned adult thinking, like that George Floyd’s younger brother Philonise Floyd who on Wednesday spoke before the House Judiciary Committee at a hearing on policing and accountability.

Whether you agree 100% with him or not, note he does not call for stupid radical change in Police Forces (disbanding, dismantling etc.) but simple changes that would effect every citizen of every color. I do not know his Spiritual Condition but I continue to pray for him and his family especially that they will use this incident, as tragic as it was to glorify God and not man.

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