Evangelical Culture is Beta Male Culture


Dr. Maxwell explains the real “culture” problem in the church today is a lack of masculinity not “toxic masculinity”. While I am not sure I am 100% on board with all his thoughts, (“Locker Room Talk”) he seems to echo much of what both Paul Washer and Voddie Baucham say on the subject of biblical manhood. – Mike

People often associate “toxic masculinity” with machismo and angry males in positions of authority. One thinks, for example, of Mark Driscoll, or any number of authoritarian pastors who ascended to positions of authority. But this is simply a false conception of both masculinity and what epidemically toxic version of it has infected the church today. When we can accurately put our finger on the real toxic masculinity within the church, then we will be able not only to understand why most men leave the church, but why these rare occurrences of pastors such as Driscoll are able to ascend so easily…



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