Soldier Saturday Devotional – 05/13/2023


Chapter CONTEXT from Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete): The former part of this psalm is the prayer of a saint militan and now in distress (v. 1-3), to which is added the doom of God’s implacable enemies (v. 4, 5). The latter part of the psalm is the thanksgiving of a saint triumphant, and delivered out of his distresses (v. 6-8), to which is added a prophetical prayer for all God’s faithful loyal subjects (v. 9). So that it is hard to say which of these two conditions David was in when he penned it. Some think he was now in trouble seeking God, but at the same time preparing to praise him for his deliverance, and by faith giving him thanks for it, before it was wrought. Others think he was now in triumph, but remembered, and recorded for his own and others’ benefit, the prayers he made when he was in affliction, that the mercy might relish the better, when it appeared to be an answer to them.

Verse CONTEXT from John Gill’s Commentary:

The Lord is my strength,…. That is, the author both of natural and spiritual strength; that gave him strength of body, and fortitude of mind, to bear up under all the exercises he was tried with; the strength of his life, spiritual and temporal, and of his salvation; the strength of his heart under present distresses, and who he knew would be so in the hour of death, when his heart and strength would fail;

and my shield; to protect and defend him; as were the love, power, and faithfulness of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, his power and fulness, his blood, righteousness, and salvation;

my heart trusted in him; in the Lord as his strength and shield; not in any creature, nor in his own strength and righteousness; but in the Lord God, in whom are righteousness and strength: and it is plain he did not trust in his own heart, since his heart trusted in the Lord; and which shows that his trust was an hearty one, his faith was a faith unfeigned, he believed with the heart unto righteousness;

and I am helped: this was the fruit of his trust, even a gracious experience of divine assistance: saints are helpless in themselves, and are also as to the help of man; God is the only helper of them; he helps them out of all their troubles; in whatsoever he calls them unto, and to what they want; and the help he affords is sometimes quick, and always seasonable; and sometimes by means, and sometimes without them;

therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; that is, in the Lord, the ground of which was the help he had from him; and this joy was very great, a joy unspeakable, and full of glory; it was not carnal, but spiritual, a heart joy, joy in the Holy Ghost;

and with my song will I praise him; praise is due to God, what glorifies him, and is acceptable to him; it becomes the saints, is comely for them, and it is pleasant work to them, when grace is in exercise; see Psalm 69:30; this may be understood of one of his songs, and one of the best of them, and of one better than this, as a Jewish writer (u) observes.

(u) R. Moseh in Aben Ezra in loc.

Upon reading this quote this morning my brain immediately jumped to Run for the Wall and the Sandbox route. For those who do not know RFTW, is 1 Mission 4 (motorcycle) Rides across America. Its mission is: “To promote healing among ALL veterans and their families and friends, to call for an accounting of all Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action (POW/MIA), to honor the memory of those Killed in Action (KIA) from all wars, and to support our military personnel all over the world.

In 2019 I was honored to be selected to be a trailblazer/plank owner for the 4th route, Sandbox, which leaves Washington D.C. after a 10-day mission complete from Ontario California. Thanks to the persistent vision and relentless work of Mary “Cupcake: Pitman and a few others, those killed in the middle east since 1967 are now part of the Run for the Wall legacy.

Yup, that is me either waiting to fuel or to head out I can’t remember which at this point nor does it matter. What is important is the 300 or so souls we have each year on the Sandbox route. Traveling the highways and byways of America can be VERY dangerous so many Chaplains (I ride for Mission M25 Ministries) like myself pray as we travel for the safety of THE GROUP especially those whom v.3-4 apply.

Please check out the information below and support those who support our never forgotten.



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