Watch: Weatherman Breaks Down, Starts Praying on Air as Tornado Barrels Toward Town

This past Friday evening a series of tornados swept through NE Louisiana and MS. We were blessed that in our immediate area, there was little damage. Normally when an event like this occurs especially when there is a loss of life I am packing my bags to support some disaster recovery operation. Due to continuing health issues, I will not be on the scene.

As of this morning, there are 24 confirmed dead, many more injured and a couple of small towns wiped out. Please PRAY for those affected by thisthe storms and those headed to help. Also, pray more people out there in the public eye would understand that only Jehovah God is of any help in these situations.

As deadly tornadoes were preparing to bring black winds to northeastern Mississippi Friday, one meteorologist knew only one thing could save those in the way.

“Dear Jesus, please help them,” meteorologist Matt Laubhan of WTVA-TV said as he saw a tornado bearing down with seconds to go before it would hit Amory, Mississippi.


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