Sunday Sermon Series – 03/26/2023

A Display of Christ – (Part II) by John Flavel

Christ in His Essential and Primeval Glory (A Display of Christ – Part II)

THESE words are a part of that excellent commendation of Wisdom, by which in this book Solomon intends two things: first, grace or holiness; ‘Wisdom is the principal thing,’ Prov. 4:7; secondly, Jesus Christ the fountain of that grace: and, as the former is renowned for its excellency, Job, 28:14,15, so is the latter, in this context, wherein the Spirit of God describes the most blessed state of Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of the Father, from those eternal delights he had with his Father before his assumption of our nature: ‘Then was I by him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him.’ That eternity was wholly swallowed up in unspeakable delights and pleasures. The Father and Son delighted one in another (from which delights the Spirit is not here excluded) without communicating their joy to any other; for no creature then existed, save in the mind of God. Verse 30…


For all in the series cut and paste or type John Flavel Display of Christ in the search box upper right of the landing page.

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