Devotional Thought for Today – 03/25/2023


Chapter CONTEXT from MHCC: The apostle having at large asserted, opened, and proved, the great doctrine of justification by faith, for fear lest any should suck poison out of that sweet flower, and turn that grace of God into wantonness and licentiousness, he, with a like zeal, copiousness of expression, and cogency of argument, presses the absolute necessity of sanctification and a holy life, as the inseparable fruit and companion of justification; for, wherever Jesus Christ is made of God unto any soul righteousness, he is made of God unto that soul sanctification, 1 Co. 1:30. The water and the blood came streaming together out of the pierced side of the dying Jesus. And what God hath thus joined together let not us dare to put asunder.

Our text from today is a foundational text for all True Christians. The issue in modern “Christianity” is that many have fallen into the trap of “easy believism.” They put little emphasis on their true sinfulness and need for the Lordship of Christ while emphasizing their acceptance of Jesus as a savior.

Note how I phrased that, it is about them not about Christ. Even a cursory reading of most translations of the Bible will require even the non-seminary student to determine that is folly. It is always about God and never about us.

Matthew Henry is best known for his commentary, but his work on prayer is a classic also. In the link below is his supplication for those who need to confess their sins.

Humbly Profess your Sorrow and Shame for Sin

True confession is the only path to righteousness.

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