Interesting Reads – 03/17/2023

Saint Patrick & the times he lived in — How he “…found Ireland all heathen and left it all Christian!” – American Minute with Bill Federer

Money, Debt, “THE BANK WAR” & President Jackson vs. Nicholas Biddle – American Minute with Bill Federer

Articles of Confederation: The First U.S. Government & the Role of Religion in the States that Ratified It – American Minute with Bill Federer

Where Do You Get Your News? – Video

Why Do You Still Trust Them? – Video

Alicia Dorado: From Democratic Political Staffer to Conservative Activist – Video

Watch: Carlson Torches Lindsey Graham After Senator Invokes Reagan

Banking on Outrage – Podcast

When Banks—and Other Institutions—Try to Change the World

The Untold Story of Racial Classification in America

Let’s hear it for the Vermont girls

Sports Superstar Gives Incredible Gift to America’s Heroes Live on Fox News

Pro Bowl QB Derek Carr Puts God First After Signing $150 Million Contract: ‘My Faith Is Number 1, That Will Never Change’

SCOTUS Asks For Increased Funding For Police Protection After Abortion Activists Target Justices

Britain’s 1984 Moment

Of Primates and Percentages: No, Humans Aren’t 99% Chimp

Department of Education to Remove Protections for Religious Campus Groups

Distraction: Our Modern-Day Siren Song

When Mental Illness Goes Viral: Social Contagions Are Destroying Our Girls

The Difference between Knowing God and Merely Knowing about Him

Scripture: The Church’s Only Prototype

WHOA JOE! Teen Biden Had Gay ‘Epiphany’ While Watching Two Men Kiss in High School

Ben Shapiro: How to crash the economy, Big Government style

DeSantis Tells Biden It’s Not ‘Sinful’ to Stop the ‘Genital Mutilation of Minors’

Police Lt. Explains How Cartels Are Taking Advantage of Biden’s Open Border Policies

8 Things to Know About Biden’s Fiscal 2024 Budget, From Bad to Worse

The J6 Committee’s Obstruction of Justice

Rand Paul abruptly leaves committee meeting when Dem chair plays ‘legislative prank on the American public’

The Most Important Founding Father You May Have Forgotten About

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