Education/Parenting in America – Various Sources – 01/09/2023

America’s ‘Pandemic of Fatherlessness’ Contributes to Gender Confusion, Suicide, and More, Author Says

6-Year-Old Arrested After School Shooting

From Gender Gingerbread Persons to ‘Privilege Bingo,’ Feds Squander Millions on Cult of Diversity Training

Why Is the LA Zoo Inviting Children to Their Drag Show?

Thought Control and Morality on Campus

In California, college kids rake in $10,000 each to push climate hysteria, crickets as food, and leftism on minors

“She is here for a reason” – Grateful parents tell how their baby was saved through Abortion Pill Reversal

Before we can defend our society, we must know ourselves

Brooklyn librarians lead fight to keep pornographic books in schools — and promptly receive award

University’s diversity, equity and inclusion summit separates participants by race

Father legally changes gender to female in attempt to gain custody of his kids: ‘I’m also a mom’

16-year-old girl collapsed and died suddenly during flag football game after suffering a ‘medical emergency’

Progressives seek to eradicate gender

Will universities ever admit they were wrong about COVID policy?

Who Gave the Government the Right to Push LGBT Propaganda into Schools?

We Need to Have a National Birds and Bees Talk

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