The Weird, the Woke, the Wasteful: 10 Flavors of Pork for 10 States Bringing Home the Bacon

In an earlier post this morning we looked at how this bill contained $286 MILLION for planned parenthood. If that was not bad enough read some of the other absurd items attached to this piece of legislature.

You can learn a lot about a man by seeing how he spends his money. You can learn about a congressman by seeing how he spends everyone else’s money.

Congress is—yet again—preparing to spend nearly $2 trillion of taxpayers’ dollars in a massive omnibus spending bill.

Some in Congress are reluctant to keep overspending taxpayer dollars, but the complicity of some GOP senators in the latest budget negotiations shows—yet again—that some legislators on both sides are willing to blow out spending while paying lip service to fiscal restraint.

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‘Stunning Act of Betrayal’: At Least 18 Senate Republicans Vote to Pass $1.85 Trillion McConnell-Schumer Omnibus Bill

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