Military and Veteran News – 10/13/2022

Please note we take the above proclamation very seriously. We are apolitical when it comes to the current two parties that hold office, mainly because few if any desire to Defend the Constitution. We believe it is of the utmost importance for every voting age American be educated about said Constitutuion, and to excersise their contitutuional right to vote. Also as a Christian and one who studies US. Heritage and History, we would hope that those who vote would chose canidates that conform to the Judeo-Christian values of the vast majority our founding fathers.

The Dangers of a Woke U.S. Military

Army sec’y claims military isn’t woke — 25 incidents prove her wrong (guest op-ed)

Service members sound alarm against ‘extremely woke’ military

US troops warn ‘extremely woke’ culture hurting military; standards ignored for fear of being ‘labeled racist, sexist’

Woke Ideology Has Metastasized in U.S. Military. It Will Take Time to Remove Its Divisive Influence.

Operation A.L.F. dogs give comfort to children

Can the National Guard solve the immigration crisis?

Suddenly, ‘gender identity’ doesn’t matter to the Biden administration anymore, when it comes to the draft

How Likely Is Nuclear War? Expert Explains Threat of Russia, North Korea

On Its 247th Birthday, US Navy Is on Watch 24/7

Benefits at 70% Service-Connected Disability Compensation

Veterans Day 2022 Free Meals, Discounts and Offers

Women” Find Out If They Can Skip Military Draft Under Biden Administration

As Suicides Rise, US Military Seeks to Address Mental Health

18-Year-Old Marine Recruit Dies Suddenly at Camp Pendleton

NATO fast-tracking air defense system for Ukraine

An $11 million boost for homeless veterans

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