MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Says ‘It’s Heresy’ to Say Jesus and Christianity Oppose Abortion.

It is quite obvious (or should be) to any True Christian that Mr. Scarbourogh has no clue as to what he is speaking about. As we have written here time and again CONTEXT is everything and one must take in the whole counsel of God especially on topics when the Bible is not explicit.

For sake of discussion let us employ the KISS principle here: Did Jesus speak explicitly, that is use the term abortion anytime during His earthly ministry, NO! Is Jesus God, if we are to believe anything about Mr. Scarbourogh even he would say yes. If yes then we know God’s Holy Word does not lie and in context, Jesus did speak about abortion.

The Law of Moses, what we call the Ten Commandments from God included the 6th commandment, “THOU SHALL NOT KILL.” Jesus said in Matthew 5:17-18, that He came not to do away with these OT laws but to fulfill them. In fact, until all heaven and earth are “passed away” these laws remain in effect.

Posted by Daily Citizen Staff | Sep 12, 2022 | Life

In a predictable post-Roe tirade from central scripting about how dangerous pro-lifers are becoming of late – name a time when major media voices ever thought pro-lifers were honorable and reasonable? – MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough invoked Jesus on the ethics of abortion this past Friday morning. With all the passion of the finest fire-and- brimstone preacher, the Morning Joe host told his viewers,…


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