Devotional Thought for Today – 09/06/2022


Chapter CONTEXT from John Gills’s Commentary:

In this chapter, after the inscription and salutation, the apostle expresses his great affection for Timothy, and highly commends him; exhorts him to various things relating to his office, as a preacher of the Gospel; and concludes by taking notice of the kindness shown him by Onesiphorus. The inscription and salutation are in 2 Timothy 1:1 and then follows the preface to the epistle, in which the apostle testifies his great love to Timothy, and commends him; by declaring his thankfulness to God, that he had reason always to remember him in his prayers; by his desire to see him again, who had shed so many tears for him, that his joy might be filled; and by taking notice of his unfeigned faith, the same with that which had dwelt in his ancestors, 2 Timothy 1:3. And then he proceeds to exhort him to the exercise and improvement of his ministerial gift; to show a fortitude of mind, and a manly spirit in the cause of Christ; and to suffer cheerfully for the sake of it, 2 Timothy 1:6 and in order to animate and encourage him to the same, he gives a summary of the Gospel, as containing in it the great doctrines of salvation, and eternal life, according to the free grace of God through Jesus Christ, 2 Timothy 1:9 and observes, that he himself was appointed a preacher of it to the Gentiles, 2 Timothy 1:11 and instances in himself, as suffering for it, without being ashamed; and as having a strong confidence in Christ, as able to keep him, and what he had committed to him, 2 Timothy 1:12 and then returns to his exhortation to Timothy to hold fast the Gospel of Christ; to which he urges him from the consideration of the nature and value of it, being a form of sound words, and that famous good thing, and of the means and manner in which he came to the knowledge of it; and chiefly from its being committed to him by the Holy Ghost, that dwelt in him; and also because of the general defection of the Asian professors from it, 2 Timothy 1:13 but he excepts one person, Onesiphorus by name, whom he commends for his kindness to him both at Ephesus and at Rome; and therefore entreats of the Lord mercy, both for him and his house, at the great day, 2 Timothy 1:16.

Our text for today [Hold fast the form of sound words] should be the standard by which all “Christian” leaders preach/teach. So what is sound doctrine?

  • Sound doctrine is of God, which means it is rooted and verifiable in and by scripture
  • Sound Doctrine is preached by qualified men. Just like we do not want a car mechanic explaining brain surgery, neither should we want an unqualified person explaining/teaching us Biblical Doctrines.
  • Sound Doctrine is always preached/taught in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.
  • Sound Doctrine is always a good thing from God, about God for God’s Glory.
  • Sound Doctrine is always guarded by the Holy Ghost which dwelleth in us

Yet today we seem to live in the world God for saw and Paul wrote about in Chapter 4 of this epistle to Timothy. Men will twist the Bible to meet their needs, and sound doctrine be damned. Unfortunately, they are the ones that will be damned and the doctrines of God will endure.

Why is sound doctrine so important?

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