Number of Americans who believe in God drops to all-time low, liberals have the least faith: Gallup poll

This headline should not be a shocker to anyone. For more than six decades our citizenship has sat idly by and allowed Judeo-Christian beliefs to systematically be destroyed in America. School children as young as kindergarten are being taught LBGQT+, CRT, and the like, but God is off-limits. We are a nation broken of moral virtues, teetering on total ruin. Thanks to my friend Laz for sharing this.


PAUL SACCA / June 17, 2022

The number of Americans who believe in God has hit an all-time low, according to a new Gallup poll.

There are 81% of Americans who believe in God – the lowest percentage in the poll that has been conducted by Gallup since 1944. There were 17% of American adults who said they do not believe in any God and 2% who said they were unsure…




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