8,000 Plus Miles (Updated)


Another cross-country trip supporting veterans is in the books. This one was unique in many ways. I started in my truck (Jackson, MS to Amarillo, TX to Ontario, CA) and switched to my motorcycle (Ontario, CA to Washington DC, to Marseilles, IL) then back to my truck (Marseilles to Amarillo to St. Roberts, MO (Officiated at my oldest daughters wedding) and back to Jackson).

As a Chaplain and Medic with Mission M25, I saw and heard a wide variety of complaints and compliments from the rank and file. My bike broke down on day one and I finally got it fixed and caught back up on day three. Days were long and 2 days of torrential rain, but it was so worth it. As we say on RFTW is it May yet?

Max on the left is from Romania and served with the Israeli IDF. He rode both Southern Route and Sandbox (I am next to him)
Our SR fuel team. As Advance Chaplain/Medic, I worked closely with these folks. Organized chaos is how I described fueling 275 bikes in 11 minutes on the Sandbox route

The link below is a news story about our stop in Ohio on the Sandbox route: https://wtov9.com/news/local/run-for-the-wall-veterans-motorcycle-group-makes-a-stop-in-belmont-county?fbclid=IwAR1cT9wEYqhNRwaLwcEAZVvfFfKv2Q96BGryyYN_RNiJoYQ0mx4XT2baEUw

The picture below is from the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial, in Marseilles, IL.

The top name in the photo is one of the folks I ride for. Mitch’s mom Tammy made a lasting impression on me and he will always be my ride buddy.


UPDATE: I forgot to post this, a copy of the placard I have on my bike this year of the heroes I am riding with. Each has a special meaning to me. Say the names out loud and…



TSG GENE C. POIRIER (USAF) Ret, – (22) JAN ‘64

LTC James “Gabby” Gates – POW/MIA (USA) Apr ’66 Presumed KIA

PO3 Brandon Caserta (USN) – 22- 2018 (The Brandon Act)

HM3 (FMF) Mitch Goad, (USN) 22 – 2010

SPC Etienne J. Murphy, (USA) – KIA -2017

PFC Tyler Springman (USA) – KIA – 2011


What is next, prayerfully I am scheduled to depart on 02 July for Eugene Oregon, to join Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Memorial Torch Motorcycle Ride, as we cross the US paying tribute to Gold Star Families.

As I noted earlier, my breakdown on day one in AZ, coupled with the rising fuel and lodging costs has totally blown my budget for RFTW. What had been in past years a $2000.00 trip cost over $3500.00 this year.

In addition to the T2FS ride, I have 2 others scheduled for this year. Please feel free to contribute to the cause of supporting veterans on our donate page, and as always we covet your prayers as we cross the highways and byways of America in the wind.

Mike “Hardcase” Poirier, 1SG, USA, Ret

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