The Lies Weource: Pay For

The Department of Veterans Affairs hasn’t wasted this many taxpayer dollars since the Obama administration. On Saturday, Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough announced the VA would start the regulatory ball rolling on conducting transgender surgeries for veterans in their taxpayer-funded hospitals. The announcement was an early Father’s Day gift for the transgender lobby — although they probably are working to have the holiday renamed Happy Care-giver 1 or 2 Day…

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Critical Race Theory Will Destroy Our Military

What if the black Marines judged the white Marines from the perspective of oppressed and oppressor? How could this group of Marines have operated as a team, especially when stressed in a combat situation?


Celebrating the 246th Birthday of America’s Army

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When the Second Continental Congress delegates voted for a resolution on June 14, 1775, they had no idea they also founded America’s Army. On Monday, June 14, that Army turns 246…

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Guide to 10 military museums and historic locations across the U.S.

US Department of Veterans Affairs

While in no means complete, this (sourced edited) list from a recent VA email gives a good start to some interesting stops. I have added some of my own with links and hope you will do the same in the comments.

  1. The National World War II Museum in New Orleans:
  2. Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor National Memorial:
  3. The National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City:
  4. Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum in Charleston:
  5. Boston’s Black Heritage Trail:
  6. Vicksburg National Military Park:
  7. Gettysburg National Military Park:
  8. Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution:
  9. The San Diego Air & Space Museum :
  10. Explore Revolutionary War History in charming Castine, Maine:

Here are are a few of my favorites:


Supreme Court asked to review men-only draft registration law

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether it’s sex discrimination for the government to require only men to register for the draft when they turn 18…


Veterans must come together to combat Critical Race Theory

America’s military veterans can no longer sit on the sidelines when there is a well funded, ongoing cultural and political war being waged to turn America into a Marxist, communist totalitarian state.  It truly is time for America’s…

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Recognizing signs of PTSD and TBI

Make the Connection

Relating to civilians was a challenge for Schuyler after he got out of the Army. He felt on edge, and sometimes he had trouble managing his frustration. He didn’t believe he had PTSD, but he knew something wasn’t right. Learning he had a traumatic brain injury led him to VA and Vet Center resources that helped him turn his life around.

Recognizing signs of PTSD and TBI

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May is Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month: One Step Today

Veterans, as a whole are least likely to seek help on their own for mental health issues, it is a macho thing, (for men and women) servicemembers who have fought the good fight and are you know tough.

Unfortunately, this leads to many issues including self-abuse (alcohol, drugs, etc.) spousal and family abusiveness, and even suicide.

These are all preventable with the right help from our friends.

This Mental Health Month, take One Step Today to start feeling better.

Every day, Veterans can take a step toward better mental health and well-being. No matter how big or small, One Step Today can make a difference. This Mental Health Month, explore the steps you can take to live a healthier life…


Devotional Thought for Today – 04/21/2021

Comfort for the Grieving, Hurting, and Dying Series – Part XV

Palliative Care Icon , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

Today we will look at the fourth job area for Chaplains that of the Military. Most Chaplains depending on their denomination are appointed, commissioned, or ordained. All military Chaplains are officers so they are Commissioned, some also ordained by their governing denominations. In addition, most commands above the company level (Amry, Air Force, and Marines, I assume the Navy and Coast Guard are much the same) have enlisted Chaplain assistants.

In the Army, the driving leadership motto was always “My Mission, My Men, Myself.” Meaning the success of the mission was paramount taking care of your men came a close second then worry about yourself. I mention this to note that along with Beans, Bullets and the like the Spiritual needs of the men was always a concern.

During my enlistment ’74-’94 I held many MOS’s (job specialties) but never Chaplain assistant. However, as a First Sergeant and Operations Sergeant, I worked closely with the Chaplains staff to ensure the spiritual needs of the men were being met.

Military Chaplains have big responsibilities and big shoulders. Not only do they have to be that person who can carry out the 4-C’s (compassionate Care, Comfort, and Counsel) for the service member, command, and families, they must also be ready to don the combat gear and go into harm’s way.

The U.S. Army recruiting Command in their literature says the following:

A chaplain’s mission is to bring Soldiers to God and God to Soldiers. America calls on our Army to fight and win our nation’s wars and Army chaplains are there every step of the way. Whether in training or operations, Army chaplains represent hundreds of American denominations and faith traditions and fulfill a sacred calling of service captured in our motto, “Pro Deo et Patria” (for God and country)
A Soldier's Psalm 91 Prayer.

Instead of me rambling on any further about these brave service members let me share an article from one fellow soldier:

The Responsibilities of an Army Chaplain

Jonathan C. Gibbs III

Soldier’s Prayer Blog Post with downloadable links

One final note, maybe you would like to “serve” as a military Chaplain but you think the opportunity is gone due to age, or some other issue, consider checking with your local state militia.

National Vietnam War Veterans Day 2021 | Military Benefits

National Vietnam War Veterans Day
National Vietnam War Veterans Day 2021 | Military Benefits

National Vietnam War Veterans Day is observed on March 29 to thank and honor our nation’s Vietnam veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice.

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