Just the other day I was discussing with a Pastor friend this issue. I commented: Although there are some who are “Career Criminals” the vast majority of men and women, who have some solid interaction with the church first on the inside and then continuing on the outside have a very low recidivism rate. It seems politicians and institutions would rather put up stumbling blocks to create revolving doors instead of employing restorative justice.

Every person has dignity and potential. But one in three American adults has a criminal record, which limits their access to education, jobs, housing, and other things they need to reach that potential. Join Prison Fellowship as we celebrate “Second Chance Month” in April, unlocking brighter futures for 70 million Americans who have repaid their debt to society.

One in 3 Americans has a criminal record. That means there are people in your church affected by crime and incarceration. What messages are they hearing from the pulpit—and from us?

Our founder, Chuck Colson, cared deeply about the incarcerated, their children, and local communities. As you envision the impact your church can have on your community in 2022, Prison Fellowship® invites you to celebrate Second Chance® Month this April. Prison Fellowship spearheads this nationwide effort to raise awareness of the many barriers faced by individuals with a criminal record.

As the Church, we empathize with the desire to be forgiven and seen as new through the second chance we receive in Christ. Second chances are at the heart of the Gospel. Today, we ask that your church prayerfully consider becoming a Second Chance Month partner.

Becoming a Second Chance Month partner provides your church with the opportunity to publicly declare the radical love of God and to advocate for returning citizens. Here are some ways your church can raise awareness of this issue that affects nearly 70 million Americans:

  • Spread the word within your online network. Share what compels your community to celebrate Second Chance Month using Prison Fellowship’s social media toolkit.
  • Check out the Second Chance Sunday toolkit for sermon notes and ideas for hosting your own.

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