No celebration of anything ‘white’ in the lead-up to Resurrection Day

Can you imagine the national backlash if the sign read Fasting from Blackness? This is not only UNBIBLICAL, it is just plain stupid. It has nothing to do with Christianity, the Gospel, or the indwelling Holy Spirit’s Guidance.

Some people give up sweets, some give up social media, and some even give up their cellphone … but a church in the Chicago area is giving up “whiteness” for Lent. A conservative pastor in Virginia labels the church’s decision “downright demonic.”

First United Church of Oak Park is a merger of two liberal denominations: Church of Christ and United Presbyterian Church USA – but some might argue it more closely identifies with a movement like Black Lives Matter. The church is celebrating the Easter season and has decided it is going to give up “whiteness” for Lent…


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