Is It Biblical to Honor Our Nation?

I am 100% convinced that the Bible supports honoring our nations, that are honoring God. I say this first from the perspective of a Constitutionalist. Having sworn (many years ago) an oath to defend the Constitution as written with original intent) against ALL ENEMIES foreign or domestic I have never relinquished that oath. Secondly, The Bible tells us to honor those God has appointed to rule over us, to render unto them that which is theirs, all without grumbling and murmuring. This does not mean we should stop from pointing out the unGodly sins (abortion, same-sex unions, LGBTQ issues, etc.) of our nation.

Richard John Neuhaus, founder of the journal on religion and public life First Things, once wrote, “When I meet God, I expect to meet him as an American.” The line got him in a good bit of trouble back then, but today he’d almost certainly be accused of being a “Christian nationalist.” Nationalism of any stripe has gotten a bad name recently, but especially so-called Christian nationalism.  How should Christians think about nations and national loyalty?  


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