The Rise of Global Tyranny: The Collapse of Civil Liberties

This week’s ‘Stand in the Gap Today’ Radio Highlight

On Feb. 21, 2022, Stand in the Gap Today Host, Hon. Sam Rohrer, and co-host, Dr. Gary Dull, interviewed Michele Bachmann, former Congresswoman, and Michigan Senator. The topic of discussion was current events, globalist goals, and the rising axis of evil from a biblical, prophetical perspective.


  • What is globalism?
  • What is the hierarchical structure guiding the globalist efforts today?
  • What can people do to push back against globalism?
  • What is the relationship between the world’s emerging tyrants who threaten all civil liberties? Where are they in agreement? Where are they at odds?

To LISTEN to the program, click HERE

To READ the transcript, click HERE

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