America’s New 94% Religion

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America’s NEW 94% Religion: The Reality and Implications of an Unbiblical Worldview

Stand in the Gap Radio update on April 16, 2021,  Stand in the Gap Today Hosts Sam Rohrer and Dr. Gary Dull interviewed George Barna, founder of the original Barna Research Group and current President of the Cultural Research Center with Arizona Christian University. Their discussion focused on the recently released survey titled, “Introducing America’s Most Popular Worldview: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism”.  

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COVID-19 and the Law: Vaccinations, Masking and Consent

Stand in the Gap Radio Update

On Feb. 5, 2021,  Stand in the Gap Today hosts Sam Rohrer and Dr. Gary Dull interviewed Mat Staver, Senior Pastor, Attorney, Founder, and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. They discussed the legality of mask mandates and the COVID vaccine issues. 

•Are mandated vaccinations lawful, Constitutional, or moral?

•Does signing the vaccination consent form cover you for any liability claims should you have an adverse reaction?

•Unlawful mandates and the law. Why is the Executive Branch of government allowed to establish masks, lockdown, vaccines, and other mandates if they’re not lawful?

•Is masking children child abuse?

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It’s a Matter of Life or Death

Stand in the Gap Radio Update

It’s a Matter of Life or Death

On January 27, 2021,  Stand in the Gap Today hosts  Sam Rohrer and Dr. Gary Dull interviewed Scott Klusendorf, Founder and President of the Life Training Institute. How is the Biden administration pushing abortion policies at home and abroad? How does secularism devalue life? Where do Millennials and Gen. Z stand on pro-life issues? These questions are answered and more on this program.   

•How are the younger generations viewing life, truth, right and wrong?

•Why does a nation’s culture, it’s degree of civil freedom, it’s level of true justice hinge on how that nation views the matter of life?

•Why establishing the value of life is so important to today’s culture.

•What are some of the most commonly asked questions by younger generations about life and the value of life?

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Critical Race Theory- How Is It Reshaping America?

Critical Race Theory- How Is It Reshaping America?

On January 5, 2021,  Stand in the Gap Today hosts Joe Greend and Sam Rohrer interviewed Dr. Shelby Steele on the topic of Critical Race Theory. Dr. Steele is an African-American conservative author, columnist documentary filmmaker, and a Robert J. and Marion E. Oster Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute. He specializes in the study of race relations, multiculturalism, and affirmative action. Recently, Dr. Steele released a new documentary titled, “What Killed Michael Brown”

1) What was the purpose for producing the new documentary, “What Killed Michael Brown”?

2) How does white guilt exploitation of black pain leaves black people dependent on American liberalism?

3) What is Critical Race Theory and what are its origins?

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The Fourteenth Amendment: Federal Power on Steroids

The Fourteenth Amendment:

Federal Power on Steroids
On June 4, Stand in the Gap Today radio hosts and guest, Constitutional Attorney David New, discussed the Fourteenth Amendment and how it’s been hijacked by the Supreme Court and the Federal Government to invest them with more powers than intended by our Founding Fathers. 

Topics discussed are: 

What is the Fourteenth Amendment?

How has the US Supreme Court corrupted this amendment?

What will happen if the US Supreme Court fails to uphold the Constitution?

Did the fourteenth amendment grant more power to the Federal Government?

How has the federal government corrupted the fourteenth amendment?


Easter is about the power of God, His hatred of sin and His great love for an undeserving mankind

What’s Easter all about?

What does this solemn yet celebratory week say about God? About Jesus? To mankind? And what difference should Easter make in our lives today?

Easter week is the most sacred of all Christian holidays. But why is it so special? Easter is about God’s plan for the ages, the humans created in His image, the reality of Sin, Satan and rebellion, God’s wrath and justice against sin, and His plan of redemption. Early in Genesis, God promised that one day His heel would be bruised but the head of Satan would be crushed. Christ’s crucifixion and death on the cross bruised God’s heel but His resurrection crushed Satan’s head, confirming His victory over sin and death.

Christ’s blood paid the debt of mankind’s sins and fulfilled God’s demand for justice, providing salvation for all people. All those putting their trust in the Risen Savior, the Promised Redeemer, receive eternal life with Him.

God’s promise to crush Satan’s head continued with God’s promise to Abraham of a Promised Redeemer through a promised people. Through time, Satan tried to destroy the lineage through whom the Redeemer would come. He led Pharaoh in Egypt to kill the young males and led Herod to kill all baby boys under the age of 2. On the Mount, he tempted Jesus to avoid the cross and tried to destroy God’s redemption plan. But the devil could not trick Jesus, kings could not kill Him, and haters of Israel could not destroy God’s plan.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020 – Easter Series: A Matter of Life or Death

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The True U.S. Deficit

In case someone wonders a biblical worldview – is your personal view of the world  that is shaped by the Bible and focused on Jesus. God (first always His Word, His terms, His Path never my own),  Love (God and Others these are the two great commandments) and Christ (alone is Lord in charge of all things in my life and acknowledge savior of my soul). 

Americans with a Biblical Worldview




Well-known social science researcher George Barna introduced brand-new research about Americans’ worldview on the American Pastors Network’s (APN, popular, live, daily radio program “Stand in the Gap Today” last week.

APN President and “Stand in the Gap Today” host Sam Rohrer said the program was aptly named The True Deficit: Americans with a Biblical Worldview.

“In recent days, many more than before have become deeply concerned about the country’s national debt, as the government is set to spend $2 trillion to provide needed aid to Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic,” Rohrer said. “Yet I would suggest that before budget deficits, before deep political infightings and before the moral crumblings of our culture, there is first a deficit in our relationship with God—a deficit of spiritual understanding and a deficit of how to view life and living from God’s perspective. This is the root of our national and cultural problems, the root of our pandering politicians and salivating citizens who only wish for more and bigger government, the root of our complacent churches and passive pulpits.”

Throughout the program, Rohrer and Barna discussed the key findings of “The American Worldview Inventory,” which Barna led in his role at the Cultural Research Center (CRC) at Arizona Christian University (ACU). The research is the first wave of what will be an annual survey. The assessment is based on 51 worldview questions, examining both beliefs and behavior, which were provided to a nationally representative sample of 2,000 adults.

Barna has called the research the “most sophisticated nationwide survey of worldview conducted in the United States.” Results include the following:

  • Although 7 out of 10 Americans consider themselves to be Christian, just 6% actually possess a biblical worldview.
  • Just one-fifth of those attending evangelical Protestant churches (21%) have a biblical worldview, as compared to one-sixth of those attending charismatic or Pentecostal churches (16%). The study finds even smaller proportions in mainline Protestant (8%) or Catholic (1%) churches.
  • The number of American adults holding a biblical worldview has declined by 50% over the past quarter century.
  • Regarding the youngest adult generation, the numbers are even more startling. A mere 2% of those 18 to 29 years old possess a biblical worldview.


“The fact that fewer than one out of five born-again adults hold a biblical worldview highlights the extensive decline of core Christian principles in America,” Barna said.

Among the differentiating factors between the new study and previous research, he noted, is the more robust measurement of action.

“In the American Worldview Inventory, we measure not just beliefs, but also the application of those beliefs—our behavior—because people do what they believe,” Barna added. “If you truly believe something, you integrate into how you live, and your lifestyle reflects those beliefs. As a result, our research always balances examining both what we believe to be true with how we translate such beliefs into action.”

Going forward, Barna will be a regular monthly guest on “Stand in the Gap Today.” He has filled executive roles in politics, marketing, advertising, media development, research and ministry. He founded the Barna Research Group in 1984 (now The Barna Group) and helped it become a leading marketing research firm focused on the intersection of faith and culture before selling it in 2009. He has written more than 50 books and his work is frequently cited as an authoritative source by the media.


Meeting God’s Prayer Requirements

The Q & A audio clips below highlight a discussion on God’s requirements for answered prayer between Hosts Sam Rohrer, Dr. Keith Wiebe (Vice President of APN State Chapter Development) and Pastor Joe Green (St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church in Harrisburg, PA).

Prayer is a Privilege!  Listen Here (2:07) >>

Praying with a clean heart and not harboring sin.  Listen Here (4:45)>>

Praying “Thy will be done”.  Listen Here (2:07)>>

Praying with selfish requests and wrong motives.  Listen Here (2:05)>>

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Presidents and Precedents

Did our Founding Fathers Worship a Big God or Big Government?

The Three Q & A audio sessions highlight an interview between
Stand in the Gap Today radio hosts, Isaac Crockett and Dr. Gary Dull; and Tim Barton, President of Wallbuilders.

  • What is the purpose of President’s Day?
  • What do we know about President Lincoln’s faith and how did it influence his time in office?
  • What are college students learning about our nation’s history?
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FIVE – One Minute Messages on Prayer

Ever hear the phrase, “Prayer changes things.” Do you believe it? The Apostle Paul said, ‘Pray without ceasing. James says, ‘the effectual prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.” As Christians we should place great value on prayer – because God does. Prayer’s a command, it’s worship and it’s a privilege. Why don’t more people pray and why we don’t see more answers to prayer? Most Christians know in their head that prayer’s important and many faithfully pray – increasingly for our nation in these critical days. But is God answering our prayers? During this week’s series, we’ll identify 4 reasons why God says He won’t answer some prayers. While praying is good. Praying in obedience to God and according to His will with faith believing is essential.



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