Pro-Life News Update – 01/18/2022

Attending the March for Life? Here’s How to Deal With Washington’s New Vaccine Mandate

Here is the info on the Bill: S. 99: Life at Conception Act of 2021 from GovTrack

Teen Gives Birth to UK’s Smallest Premature Baby: ‘The Best Thing to Ever Happen’

Baby Declared Stillborn Begins Crying on the Way to the Cemetery

Mom’s Emotional Reunion With Son Placed for Adoption: ‘He Was the Best Thing I Ever Did’

Amazing Odds: California Twins Born in Two Different Years

Teen Mother Charged With Attempted Murder After Throwing Baby Into Dumpster

After Long Fight, Non-terminally Ill Colombian Woman Dies by Euthanasia

Gov Ron DeSantis Tells Legislature to Pass Bill Banning Abortion: We Need “Protections for the Right to Life”

Covaxin: A COVID Vaccine Made Without Any Connection to Abortion

Leftist Wants California to Abolish Parenthood, Make Parents Give Away Their Kids to Achieve “Equity”

Dr. Martin Luther King Opposed Abortion: “Don’t Sacrifice Children for Personal Comfort”

Pro-Life Group Calls for Stopping China’s “Genocide Olympics”

Doctors Told Mom to Abort Baby With Missing Hand, She Refused and Mikayla is Totally Adorable

Doctors Said Mia Wouldn’t Survive to Birth and Pushed Abortion, Now She’s One Year-Old

More Abortion Clinics are Killing Babies With the Dangerous Abortion Pill That Also Hurts Women

Texas Sues Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz to Recover $10 Million in Tax Dollars It Refused to Pay

Be sure to read the January digital edition of NRL News

McConnell, McCarthy applauded for ‘unwavering commitment’ to preserve Hyde amendment, other pro-life protections in appropriations bills

Prominent Danish ethicist opposes euthanasia

NJ Governor Murphy signs “Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act” opening the door to abortion up until birth

SCCL Announces Abortion Pill Reversal as 2022 Priority for the South Carolina Legislature

“Miracles walking among us” – Abortion Pill Rescue up to 3K lives saved

On the first day of the legislative session, Florida introduces law to protect unborn babies after 15 weeks

Academic review finds nurses and midwives involved in abortion experience “stress, frustration, anger, grief”

How the FDA’s decision to allow the telemedical prescription of Mifepristone does (and does not) change abortion

Pro-lifers are brimming with optimism as Roe v. Wade anniversary approaches

What these women facing unplanned pregnancies found at a maternity home was “support when we felt lost and overwhelmed.”

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